Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just keeping it real!

Alright Sage you talked me into it. Here is my slap in the face of keeping it real!! I mean this is a real mess of stuff.
This is the little hallway that is actually in my bedroom. It leads from the kitchen door which you can barely see on the right. Come down the hallway toward the camera and you are in my bedroom. To the left is a big walkin closet.
Since this space is right beside my kitchen it gets more use than any where else in the house. I had planned on this being a shoe cubby with a lot of well designed (by me of course) slanted department store shoe shelves for all my italian leather designer shoes....HAHAHA!!! The jokes on me! I have a dowel rod sitting there that was to be used for a great curtain to cover up the shoes too.
Instead it is a seasonal catch-all........meaning it has something from every season in it!!!
You see beach towels and pool shoes from our boating trips, a bucket of green beans (from 2008's garden) to hull out for seeds to dry for 2009's garden (I think they are dry now), lots of canning jars, my milking supplies, unopened boxes of canning jars, a boiling water bath canner, a bag with a blood pressure cuff (you know I have to take care of dh), a big box of trash bags, food saver and bags for it and etc etc etc etc......... all this decorated up with my Sam Toft prints hanging on either side of the hallway!!
See I have more usable junk than I do designer shoes!!!!!
I worked all day cleaning my bedroom and closet today but I did not tackle this area as you can see. I had company this evening and I showed off my bedroom to her and she liked the idea that I had a place like this right off of my kitchen to use in this manner! I told her it was next on my to do list since canning season is over and I can move most of this stuff out to the cellar. I have the fabric for the curtain and I plan to get it made soon and maybe I won't be so ashamed of this space.
Trust me it wouldn't be exposed for all to see except it was done on a dare ;-)
Afterall how many of you ladies have pressure canners, milk buckets and buckets of green beans in your bedroom?
You might be a redneck/farmgirl if.................
Now ladies I beg you to step up to the plate and show me some of your "keeping it real" spaces!!!
Update~~~Yep...... I am a redneck farmgirl........ I was pondering this picture and saw that I have a pair of John Deere Gator seat covers made out of John Deere fabric on the shelves and realized that I was sitting here at the computer with a "Bits-n-Bridle" t-shirt on that says "What happens in the barn stays in the barn." Well I don't know about it staying in the barn!!!!!!


Catherine Anne said...

You may be a redneck,,,, Love that! Blogs keeping it real are the best....

Sage said...

Well don't look bad to me!! GO FOR IT! KEEP IT REAL! We live and use things in our house, they can't always be a book cover!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!
I've posted more 'keep it reals' over on the hedgewife..I'll do more either later today or me, I've got tons! LOL (maybe this is a sad thing?)