Thursday, October 8, 2009

This Farmgirl is pooped.....

What have I done to myself? You would think it was that first warm pretty day in spring time when you have springfever so bad that you can just taste the dirt in the garden and flower beds and on your brow all while your 5 loads of laundry are blowing softly in the breeze and you are trying to kill yourself one little callus at a time and running in circles not knowing what to do next but you have such high hopes for the day and you know you can accomplish anything today because the weather is just right and you have been cooped up all winter. (OK now I am officially wore out from that runon sentence!!!!) The humidity in the summer was so bad that I could hardly stand to be outdoors and I didn't seem to get very much accomplished. I feel that I should be making up for lost time now!!

Yes today was just one of those days. No I did not have 5 loads of laundry on the line, sure wish that woulda happened but it didn't. I ended up in the garden but for different reasons than in the spring. Are you sitting down for this one??????? Well here goes.......I CLEANED OUT MY CHICKEN COOP! NO I DIDN'T JUST CLEAN IT OUT I CLEANED IT OUT!!!! It has not been cleaned that good in for ever and just barely cleaned at all for several years. It had gotton so bad that it would just wear me out working a little while on it. I always felt that the job was getting bigger instead of smaller as I went.

It took me at least 5 sessions with it today followed by Coke breaks and 2 small naps but ya know I got it done!!!! This coming after 3 days of incredible back pain. I had overdone it on the treadmill on Monday and again on Tuesday. Yesterday it was all I could do to drive to the grocery store and get my groceries unloaded when I got home. I was better today but the shoveling really got to me and I would have to take a break and prop the feet up to rest the back. Just the sweeping of the incredible amount of cobwebs was in itself a feat. I could have opened for business with "The Haunted Coop".

Speak of haunted......I can't believe that my chickens actually went back in their coop tonight. I also did some decorating. It really makes these ole bitty's mad when someone else comes in changes things around on them. They did in fact go up on their own tonight. I guess they liked it or else they were just too nosy. I know they weren't tired because they warbled around under the blueberry bushes in the shade all day long and watched me doing all the work. They would catch me on one of my breaks and go in the coop and poop in the floor just to show me!!!!!

So I ended up in the garden with the incredible massive amount of chicken poop......boy will it make good veggies next year!!! We have awesome garden soil from the 8 years of chicken and goat poop that we put on it each year. This year we were ever so close to being completely organic. I think the only thing we had to spray was a fungicide for the tomato blight. That is a good feeling too. This was by far our best garden too!!!!! Took me a long time to get Mr I love fertilizer out of a bag to get on the same page as me but he is happy too.

Then I dug about 1/2 bushel of potatoes....we still have one more row to go....maybe tomorrow?? I couldn't even tell you how many that makes us yielding out of about 10 lbs of left over potatoes from our garden last year. Now that's living off the land!!!!

So anyway I have a lot of new buzz coming down in the coop and I hope to have it all finallized and pictures tomorrow night. It's looking good no matter what the ole bitty's are saying behind my back!!!!

I am off to to soak these sore muscles in nice long hot bath now. I will probably fall asleep and wake up in the tub sometime tomorrow!!! Oh yeah tomorrow is to be beautiful again ;0) Oh my aching back.........


Linda Stubbs said...

Are you decorating up your coop???? I hope I am reading right........... oh I can't wait if that is what you are talking about.........

I just signed up to be a follower. I already thought I was one! Oh well, old age maybe?

You poor thing, working like a farm girl. Wish I had a tub to soak in. We just have a shower. Well hope it helped you and you are not aching today!!!
Well good talkin with ya!! Off to go get some more sewing done.........
Blessings, Linda

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Oh Thanks Linda!!! You are the sweetest person and I sure wish we were closer so we could visit. We would sip hot cocoa and talk about the coop decor of the season, talk about family and talk about our Savior!!!! What fun we would have!!!

Then I would (if you were here) put you in my sewing room and have you help me make it thru my mound of fabrics and turn them into treasures. Afterall, I have seen your work ;-)

Yes the chicken coop is being decorated. Somewhat....they are a messy ole flock so not too much work but just for fun!!! I hope to be finished see it involves a cordless drill that was left at our other house last weekend...what were we thinking???

I am anticipating "NOT" winning your giveaway because I never actually win anything! But at least I was inspired to get this done from your post about the curtain!!

Oh .....No the bath didn't help whole body hurts now!!!!

Linda Stubbs said...

Hey, VA. isn't very far!!!! Ohhhhhhh myyyyy I would love to come to your place and sit and talk about all our heart loves. I stay so put on my farm and don't get a lot of visiting done. You sound like a kindred spririt for sure. I would love to go through your sewing room and see all your fabrics and turn them into everything you would want them to be. I loveeeee fabric. You have to come over to my blog and store. I did two new kits. They turned out really fun. Everything is in the jar. Everything except needle and sewing machine.
I will be checking on your new post to see your coop. I am so excited! It doesn't matter how much change you have done, it's just that you have done a little to please your heart!!!!
Do you have a window in your coop?
Can I blog about your coop decor? Let me know. I won't unless you say it is okay. Just thinkin!
Blessing, Me again

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Well Bless my cotton pickin' farmgirl apron!!! Of course you can blog about it Linda!!! I have to tell ya it won't be much to talk about though!! This might just up the anti on the whole makeover though!!!

Gotta go get that drill for sure for sure!! Oooohhhhhh my the wheels are a turning now in my head. Forget mowing the rest of the lawn today ;-)

farmgirl sis ;-}

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Ya done good, gal! I know the 'girls' appreciate a clean coop -grin-.