Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh my wonderful new cyber friend.....

My oh my what a gorgeous day we are experiencing here in the mountains of SW Va. It has been rather cold for several days even had snow flurries on Saturday.....bur bur. Today, as was the last couple days, it is fabulous. Today the warmest in the 70's. Perfect time for me to get some way overdue chores done that are outside awaiting patiently for me to show up and tackle or finish.
Finish the trimwork on the garage (pics are here) that we painted back in July and I said "Oh well I will get that trim finished in no time." Well hello it's October Becky, What are you waiting on, snow????
So I have been outside painting window trim on our garage and basking in the fall beauty..........
Then I had to come in for an iced tea break and of course hop online and see what you girls are up to and there is the sweetest post about my chicken coop makever on Linda's blog!!!! Oh be still my heart. I can't believe it was worthy of such high praise but let me tell you it sure does make me want to go out and decorate every outbuilding that we have!!!!! Starting with the garage, convienent how I had already started that project huh? I have to get the windows scraped and cleaned and I plan to make curtains for the windows too. I purchased the fabric back before we even painted the garage. Just some valances to spice it up a little.
I have been busy getting my sewing room revved up for the cooler weather. Breaking it in gently with some little quilt projects that have been started for a while ;-) and a couple new ones too. The one shown above and in my banner is just a pack of Moda Charms that were simply sewn together for a quick and simple wall hanging. I love how it turned out. I am very much in love with Moda charms and turnovers, actually any of the Moda fabrics. I have been busy buying more for my stash in anticipation of a long cold winter. I just placed an order yesterday from She has some really great prices and a great selection.
So anyway I need to hop off and get that outdoor work wrapped up but not before thanking Linda from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!
God Bless You All!!!


Linda Stubbs said...

Oh my, what a beautiful quilt!! When we do harvest I always have a my little sewing box ready to go out the door at a moments notice!!!!! I had some pinwheel blocks that I needed to finished. I hand sewed the blocks together. It is turning out so fun. You do a lot of sitting when it is harvest time. Filling trucks and then off you go!!! I love your quilt though. So pretty!

Glad I could have ladies see your coop! So cute!
Blessings, Linda

Amanda said...

Very pretty!

Amy said...

I so wish I could quilt like that... its beautiful. I did see Linda's post.. how special is that!