Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Darling!

Happy 55th birthday dearest lover

father of my children

Papa Danny

my soulmate

my helper

my Knight in Shining Amor

my cowboy

my rock

my friend

my confidant

my provider

my protectant

my fishing line baiter

my spider killer

my biggest fan

the one who makes all my dreams come true

the one who loves me.

Enjoy this video of Danny Lane Moran & Co (hehehe the company is me and some other various animals) there are pics of him as a baby with his gorgeous blond curls, playing with his ponies and horses, his prized coon dog Dolly and all her trophies along side Robin our first born, one of his "I want to look like Lyle Lovette" days and the list goes on and on. My first favorite are our wedding shots....he was 21 and I was 14.....2nd favorite is the one of him with the dogs in the wagon!!! Oh yeah check out the one where he was practicing for his bullfighting days!


Nancy M. said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Leslie said...

Oh how sweet! I didn't know you were so computer savvy.

Happy Birthday Daddy and Papa Danny!
We Love You, Your the best!

Leslie and the kids!!!