Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 vegetable garden is in!!

Well almost! I still have to finish the squashes, melons and cukes. The ground was finally dry enough and warm enough to get the late season crops in last night. We worked til dark and were both ready to kill over in our tracks. It was calling for rain today so we wanted to get it all in. The sun is shining beautifully now and I am going to try and finish the other planting and get this yard mowed this morning.

The early season crops are lovely and the weeds are just lovely too. We have some sorta weed here that we have no where else but the garden. It is vicious. The only good part is that it pulls up easily. That is when you have time, energy and a semi moist garden to walk in to do that pulling!!! For some reason that hasn't been the case very much this year ;-) Danny tilled the entire garden last night and I weeded everything but the peas..........................."OMG that's gonna be a lot of work!!"

The chestnut trees are Danny's. He set them out from chestnuts that came from Leslie's tree and he plans to set them out all thru the woods for the wildlife to have something to eat in the winter!! He's a good guy, right? Of course you know that he's a hunter too!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed a tour of my veggies and weeds!!

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