Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stolen Art

The stolen art I am speaking of are these photographs of
Jesse's roses. Jesse is the man who owns the home beside The Fairy's Rest.
He lives on the other end of Va and we see him about every 10 - 14 days if we are there that often. He has these gorgeous roses, and other varieties too, planted all around his house. He told me that if I am down at our place and there are any roses blooming to feel free to come over and cut them and put them in a vase, whether he is there or not. He says they are there to enjoy and not waste away. I had to steal some good photo opts today but I could not find it in my heart to cut one of these beauties off. They are just perfect!!
Please click the pictures to enlarge them so you can see the beauty that I saw this rainy morning!!

This is his climber by the road. I love it!!
It was a nice rainy day and I was just about to waste it away being a slug on the sofa watching TV, when it hit me that I am not finished with "My" work at The Fairy's Rest!! "His" work is almost finished, only a few pieces on the handrail on the back deck, installing the new kitchen faucet, pressure washing and treating the decks (probably end up being my job), and help me patch some wallboard in the master bedroom which was damaged during the move and I can't seem to get it fixed right myself.
My work still involves a ton of paint, more cleaning and decorating.....which includes making curtains. I only have about 2 things give or take,that I still need to purchase as far as furnishings
or appliances. I need a microwave and a TV. I want a TV DVD combo. I live near Va Tech and it's May so you know those students are practically giving their stuff away right now....woowooooo I found both on Craigslist this morning! A red microwave for my red kitchen and a TV DVD VHS flat screen 24" !!!! Perfect for a rental home and it comes with a matching TV stand!! Both for $60!! Now that's frugal shopping!
So anyway I got my lazy well almost very lazy butt ready and took off down there and I slung a lot of paint on everything! I was really getting back into that painting everything white, that I am so famous for, and then I ran out of paint!! So it's supposed to rain all week here and I have no excuse to not get my work done inside in the next week or two......well maybe one little bitty excuse.......I have 40 eggs to be hatched on Fri or Sat and I have one doe that is due Thursday! Another one any day now....for sure! Also my new doe is ready for me to come get as soon as we can come up with a time....(she is as busy as I am!) Now some of that action may very well get in the way of my plans to get finished with my work.
I feel that I have more things on my to do list than any one in the world!
My flowers are doing really good, nothing pressing just tweaking to be done there. The veggie garden is at a standstill til after it dries and then we will plant the warm season crops. I had some early planting of warm season crops and they have not come up other than 2 small rows of corn, so they will all need to be planted when dry. Now all my attention will be on farm animals and The Fairy's Rest. I have got to start advertising and get my name out there so we can make some money!!!!!!!
busy busy busy........
BUT HEY......... I made a pair of curtains and tiebacks for the bathroom while watching American Idol tonight. I am sure that I will have to do a lot more multi-tasking around here if I get all my chores done.


OurCrazyFarm said...

Beautiful Pics!!!! I love the water droplets! Yippee!~ baby goats:)) Can't wait to hear the news!

Gail said...

The rain drops are perfect dressing for stunning roses.

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Your rose pics are just beautiful. Would love to have a red climbing rose that that on the fence. Have a nice day.

Brenda said...

The roses are breathtaking! I can imagine how they smell.

Good luck on the kidding. I'm anxious to see your little ones!

Have a great day!

Amy said...

I love the rain drops! GORGEOUS! You've been a busy girl.

LynnS said...

Beautiful roses....and the raindrops!! Your photos captured the essence of their scent and my mind could smell their fragrance. Fantastic!

Whatever energy drink you are guzzling, let me know. I need your energy level!