Thursday, May 6, 2010

We're going on a possum hunt....

all we need is a gun
I looked and looked
but couldn't seem to find one.

she is a watchin' him
to make sure he doesn't run
going on a possum hunt
all we need is a gun

I am still a lookin
I think I found one
nope not this gun
it is the wrong one

she is still a watchin'
her broom holding him at bay
with that weapon in her hand
he surely won't get away

he was moving pretty fast
for a possum in the light of day
if I don't find a gun
he will surely get away

we're going on a possum hunt
all we need is a gun
well what's this
yet again not the right gun

she is still keeping her eye
right on the prize
wondering what could be
taking me so long inside

we're going on a possum hunt
all we need is a gun
well what do ya know
I finally found the right one

no time left to fiddle around
I have to make hast
I now have my gun
and I have no time to waste

donning my gardening clothes
right down to my rubber boots
I run quickly down the dirt road
hoping no one watches me shoot

I run to my huntin' partner
who is wearing such a smile
she has a sceptical
look built up in her eyes

I had a little struggle
trying to load my gun while in such a run
I was acting like I knew what I was doin'
this just added to the fun

the ole possum was
now in quite a run
looking right at me and laughing
still a fumbling with my gun

never heard such a shooting
but he was not in any harm
he made his way thru the briars
with a smurk upon his face

oh come back you big ole possum
I'll be ready for you next time
I have my gun and bullets
by the door all in a line

I hope my huntin partner's here
she made this oh so fun
she did her job trying to hold him back
with her broom so as not to let him run

she can't help if she is afraid of briars
she gets that from her mom
we we're going on a possum hunt
next time we'll take a gun

hahahaha funny story!! Robin and I were at the breakfast table Tuesday morning and she spotted my big ole white possum meandering up thru the yard heading for the woods.
I jumped up and headed for my gun and told her to go and keep her eye on him so I could get him when I got my gun. I found every other gun that Danny owns except the 22 rifle that I knew how to shoot.

When I came running outside I see her standing in the road with a broom and I about fell over laughing. I told her to just go ahead and beat him to death!! By the time I made it there he was too far down in the briars for me to get a shot at. I did however give it my best shot, pun intended!

We sure got a good laugh to start the day off right. We were making up stories of what we would tell people we were doing if they drove down my dirt road and found us armed with a gun and broom!!! Saw a snake. Heard something strange. etc etc etc....... I don't think they would believe that we were possum huntin' in the daytime!!!! Maybe he got the message that I am not happy with him taking up residency under my henhouse now!!


OurCrazyFarm said...

You hunt possums! You move washing machines! You are a garndener extrordinaire! Is there anything you don't do my friend???? Cute, cute poem:)))))) Oh, just the thought of you two out there with a broom and a gun will keep me giggling all day!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Glad to be able to share that good laugh with others!!

I was born with the "I think I can" mentality and that usually always gets me in trouble Terri!!!!
Always good for a good laugh anyway!!

the canned quilter said...

I laughed so Hard! I completely understand the gun thing. OWO has guns everywhere but it would take me forever to find the right bullets for the right gun! I'll loan you Rosie because she LOVES to kill possums : )