Friday, May 21, 2010

Check out these tahtah's...ssshhh!!

All you goat farmers out there will understand my excitement here!
I have had goats for several years now but I seem to have trouble raising them, I think I have that little problem all figured out finally though, but I haven't had the very best stock. I didn't want to put a slew of money into really good stock for fear of letting them die as several have in the past.
Until last year when I started investing a little more energy
into trying to pick out better stock so I could gain strength in my herd.
I have some babies that are coming along nicely now.

Saphira may not be the best girl out there but we go way back.
She is a keeper!
She gives only a fair amount of milk but it is great stuff. So sweet and creamy.
This is a bad picture of her taken just before dark tonight.
She is upset with me cause I brought another goat into her territory!
Meet "Sunrise Valley Martas Minx"!!!
Danny said she cannot be called Minx, said she was a "Minnie"!!
I think it fits her!!
Hey, he paid for her so I can let him name her right??
Even though she is far from a mini goat!!
I will have to learn how to milk all over again!
Saphira's teats are very small and therefor are hard to milk.
Of course I have milked her so much that I am used to it.
With Minnie's nice long teats I can actually grab hold and milk the way you are supposed to milk a goat!!! Woohoo!!!!!

I have only dreamed of having a goat with a nice udder!!!!
You girls dream about udders?
I do!! LOL!!
I bought her from the lady that I had mentioned before that was going to sell me one of her 6 that freshened this season. This nice lady has had a terrible time as of lately, her mother passed away 2 weeks ago and she is also on crutches because of a knee injury. Poor husband of hers having to man the farm all by himself too!! He's a trooper like my Danny though!!
Anyway she picked out Minnie out of the 6 because of breeding purposes with my buck Thunder who also came from her farm. They will be a really good cross and should throw me some spotted babies!! Minnie is a two year old first freshener and delivered without difficulty a great big doeling kid that has spots!! Her was purtty too!! Of course I didn't get her.
I could have brought all those long ears home with me and I don't think Danny would have had a problem with that either ;-)))
He likes those long ears too!!
Of course he likes good udders and feels that just maybe he can learn how to milk her!!
Now I finally feel that I am heading in the right direction to get some good blood in my stock!
I am so excited to get some sweet creamy milk in my pail tomorrow morning too!!
I milked her tonight at their farm and it was just lovely. A full half gallon from one milking too!! I'll soon have milk coming out my ears! Made my hands sore but I'll get them toughened up soon enough!
He told me that she kicks occasionally....Whaaaa? I wouldn't know how to milk a goat that doesn't try to kick my teeth out!! Saphira and I have it all figured out by now and I think Minnie and I will have a great relationship too!!
Aaawwwhhh the cheese, soap, butter, ice cream.......................
dreaming bout udders full of milk again here!!
ps. she also gave me 30 more Buckeye chicken eggs to try my luck again at hatching them. She said that her husband reminded her that theirs didn't hatch til the 23rd day and they were all fine. I think I will leave these in there for about 35 days this time.....just kidding!!
Wish me luck on this hatch turning out better.


Amanda said...

I had to shake my head and smile when I read this. ;)

Linda Stubbs said...

Girlfriend you make my heart smile........... all the time.

Cute girls! I have a cute video on my post today. Little duck now has a new name and we have a video of him swimming. Cute, will make you smile.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings, Linda

OurCrazyFarm said...

She is so beautiful! She looks just like my first "real" Nubian, Blaze, who passed away (yes, same learning technique as you:). Who would have ever thought that nearly 4 years later I would really know, too, and dream about good udders and... aaahhh.. tahtahs!! There sure is a difference tho, is there not???