Tuesday, May 18, 2010

There's fog on the farm, rain on the roses and goats in the garden....

It's just another rainy, cool and foggy day on the farm.
I thought this was the perfect time to show you my favorite climbing rose.
I like it in the rain too!

It has ever changing color and is so interesting to watch the flower change as time goes on.

Turning from a dark orangy red.....

to a very light peach as the days go by.
Sorta like a woman's hair??
Sorry but mine has not reached that beautiful shade yet.
Maybe as my days go on?

See the fog?
See the goat tracks?
I woke up to 3 little boogers (not the babies) in my garden!
Urgh Urgh Urgh!!!
BTW...my babies are doing just great!
They are the friskiest ones I have ever seen!
3 days old and venturing out across the field from their mom, playing king of the mountain and running laps thru the pasture!! Sooooo cute!!

Do you see goldfish?
I do, for the first time this season.
I broke down and purchased a UV filter to go along with the biological filter that was already installed. The guy on youtube said it would only take 3 days for the algae to be removed but it has taken almost a week for ours. We have stubborn algae in these parts!!

Rain is also very pretty on my Smoke Tree!

Except when you are looking at the whole tree.
It's sorta scary if you ask me.
Looks like something out of a horror film that will grab you as you walk by and eat you!

I forgot to share with you my once beautiful irises.
They are still in color even though not at their peak any longer.

and these!
I am not liking the rain, even though we need it really bad.
Yesterday was spent in a constant state of vegetation.
I finally got a puff of air up my bottom about 8PM and with it came a burst of energy that threw me in a tailspin! I have one very very clean bathroom and laundry room this morning!
However, I have lots of dirty dishes in my sink and dust bunnies all over the rest of the house!
Today is a repeat of yesterday,
other than waking up to goats in the garden, so I have to get started on some more cleaning.
I will have lots of outside chores soon enough and you can't drag me inside then!!
Have a great day!!
ps. I had no eggs hatch in my incubator. Zero. Nada.
Guess I am not a good old setting hen any longer.
My last batch was terrific at about 85% or more.
I am not sure what would have went wrong this time.
Everything should have been right.
I don't think I will try that again.
It's too much work turning those eggs so often.
Poor mama hen!!


the canned quilter said...

Love the color of the roses! Garden looks good what is that potatoes? My garden is so soggy don't know when I will be able to get in it again.

I can see the fish. If I had a pond like that there would be 2 little black dogs in the middle of it after the fish : )

By the way to not have any eggs hatch at all I would say the eggs were the problem. So sorry as I know that is alot of work. You need one of those incubators with the automatic turner. I think a bantum hen is just as easy.

Blessings from the Holler!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Hahaha this pond has been host to the big old coon dogs a few times over the years too! Let me just tell ya that don't make mama happy either!! They get caught and tied pretty quick after they take a dip!!!!

Yes those are potatoes and lots and lots and lots of weeds!!!!

I am sure there was something wrong with the eggs. The lady that I got them from knows what she is doing but she told me that her hens are getting older so she added extras so I should have a good hatch but it didn't work. She had a 50% hatch at home and she is a teacher and had a zero hatch in her classroom at the same time. Same chickens that mine came from.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Becky~ those pics are amazing! Again! Can I come down for a week just to take pictures of your roses???? Love 'em!!!