Friday, May 28, 2010

Just hanging out in the garden....

Imagine my surprise this morning when I went out to cut some peonies off to put in a vase in the house. I wanted to enjoy the beautiful blooms a little longer in case it rained or hailed today as they were calling for. I just picked up this bloom and was getting ready to cut it off when I spotted this green monster stuck to it. Well now I am not afraid of frogs like my mother is! She is petrified of them!!!! Made for some good laughs over my lifetime too. I am not afraid of them unless they startle me by jumping on me. But..... I can tell you that this was probably a Funniest Home Video winner that went to waste!!!!
I did a dance that I didn't know could possibly be brought on by a little ole frog!! I screamed so loud that I am sure he died cause he was still there when I went back with the camera. All I could think about was him making a leap onto my camera lens while I was trying to film him, or worse yet onto me!!!!!!!!!
I have no idea what he is....I am thinking maybe a baby toad?????
Who knows we have the perfect habitat here for all sorts of creatures. We have 3 big bullfrogs in the water garden. I don't blame them I would like it in there too with the lillies blooming right now. We have all sorts of itty bitty bitty tiny frogs hoping all around the pond, maybe a half inch long. Pink snakes. Yes pink. Toads. Bear. I also spotted a big mud turtle in our fishpond this morning when I was mowing around it. Gotta set some turtle hooks in there. That is always exciting ;-)
They can make me dance a jig too!!
I got the mowing done. Danny came in around noon and we finished planting the garden.
Garden counts:
Potatoes, tomatoes~ Mr Stripey, Early girl, rutgers,Roma, German pinks and yellow pear, peppers green and jalapeno, brussels sprouts, swiss chard, beets, cabbage red and white, red,yellow and white onions, leeks, garlic, Roma beans, yellow wax beans, green peas, Amish pie squash, Acorn squash, cucumbers 3 different varieties, October beans, radishes, dill, chives, oregano, sage, thyme, Kandy corn, watermelon, cantalope, zuchinni
and there is not a place to possibly stick another plant!!
Now just let the growing begin. It is so hot out there and our soil has warmed so nicely that I feel like everything will probably do good now....Whew!!! That's a lot of work but it's so worth it in the end!! Think I am ready for a nap now!!


Brenda said...

What you have there is a Tree Frog. Their colors usually match the color of moss on a tree. They make beautiful frog songs in the evenings. I think maybe this one may be color blind! They usually "hide" by snuggling in for their daytime naps on something that their color blends into. This little guy is pretty confused with that pretty pink flower!

I've seen them change from a bright green on bright colors to a dull grayish green on lighter colors. I think they're cool!

Gail said...

We found a tree frog last week, they are so magical.

Nothing paints as well as Mother Nature. These colors are electric.

LynnS said...

One of our very favorite sounds is that of the little Tree Frogs. We LOVE them!! You're so fortunate to have actually spotted one! Maybe it wants to make friends with your ceramic froggie?

Becky, your pond is wonderful!

the canned quilter said...

Your tree frog looks so bright against the pink of the flower!

Is this your first year growing the Amish pie squash? I am trying it this year for the first time. I also grow the yellow pear tomato, October beans, and Kandy corn.

Nancy M. said...

What an awesome picture! The colors are great!