Thursday, May 13, 2010

Range hood makeover.......(and farm nursery watch)

This is the rangehood that was in The Fairy's Rest and it needed an update something fierce! Don't ya think?

It has been sitting in my out building for quite a while and got much dirtier than it was, I was awaiting a not so windy day to be able to spray paint it white.

The range and the cabinets are white but I LOVE COPPER!!


Especially hammered copper!

So I went to Lowes and found this Rustoleum Universal spray paint in hammered copper.


I had the worst time ever using this paint.

I am surely hoping that I just got a bum can. I always use Rustoleum paints and always have loved them until this one.

Of course this one cost twice as much as the regular Rustoleum at $8 a can.

What's $8 verses a new rangehood though??

Even with the drips and runs I still think I like the look.

I would have been happier had it went on smoothly and effortlessly

but I guess it will do.

If I could paint some green in there I would have a well patina'ed (sp?)

Here it is right after the cabinets were painted and before the stove was

replaced with a white one.

I can't wait to get it hung and get the real before and afters up for you to see.

It may not look right but it's mine and I don't think anyone who knows me expects anything in my life to be "Right"...LOL!!!!!

I am playing nurse in the farm nursery today!

Today is the big day for Opal. Last evening she was showing signs. Other than getting ready to burst open!! She was oozing!! Popped a mucous plug!!!

I went out and moved all her friends out of her pasture so that she would have run of the place. I bedded her stall down with fresh hay and turned around and missed her. I called for her and she came out from under the chicken coop!!!!! OMG I didn't know she could fit thru that tiny little opening. I knew the possum could but this big pregnant goat!!!

No action this morning but at least she wasn't under the chicken coop, maybe she saw a spider or a possum when she went in there last night!!!

I turned my eggs for the last time in the incubator last night
so the little pips will be finding their way out soon!!

I had a really good day thrifting yesterday. You thought I was painting right? HUH!!!
We go this evening to pick up my Craigslist purchases of the TV and microwave. First I have to go back to Goodwill to pick up my loot from yesterday that wouldn't fit in my car. I bought a vanity for $3.95 and a small white kitchen cabinet for $5.95.
Among many other great items!
A quilt, not homemade but awfully pretty, some white milk glass vases for Jesse's roses, some lamps, games for the Fairy's Rest, a coffee pot to replace the one Danny broke from our coffeemaker (0.55 cents) woowoo, soup bowls...big soup bowls.
Last week I made a Goodwill run for my dear hubby a new summer wardrobe wink wink....I got him 7 new shirts in new condition too!!! I found several other clothing items for me and some kids pool shoes to keep on the boat.
Then the next day, Saturday, I took in a yardsale just down from The Fairy's Rest (they have the best yardsales in that county) and I found Danny 7 pair of Levis in like new condition for $14!!!!!!
He was happy!! So for less than $40 he has a new summer wardrobe!!!
Why not thrift???


the canned quilter said...

Wow you need to go shopping for me! I love the copper by the way.

Kim said...

I really like the look of the range hood drips and all!
Girl, I need to be thrifting with you!! Like you, my mother can find the deals of the century, why of why can't I!!!!

basketsbyrose said...

The copper paint looks wonderful! I need to find a better GW store, ours has nothing in it!

LynnS said...

I'm in love with your copper works! Are you sure that isn't how the paint and chemicals create that hammered look? Did you do any searches online to find out if that's how the paint behaves?

You're a good shopper! I always wear ragged old clothes and when my mom feels sorry enough for me, she buys me new stuff. Cost for me? $0 lol

Brenda said...

You really can find the great deals! I love to go thrifting. I've found some really great buys on things I need.

The kitchen is looking good... I think that range hood will look good in there.