Friday, May 7, 2010

In My Garden

My Prince Churming!

(when Morgan was a wee tot she would say Cinderella and Prince Churming, when her favorite Aunt Leslie got ready for prom she told the couple they looked like Cinderella and Prince Churming)

my shade garden is filling up nicely

it's amazing how many shade loving plants I was able to find hiding around here

that needed to be divided

star flower???

I am not sure!

this is one of my favorite plants
I was remembering it as being a monkey flower but

after googling it I don't believe my memory is serving me right

imagine that

if you know what this plant is please let me know

I have to do better with my garden journal


here we go again with new gardening ideas


I have several roses mostly climbers, I'll get pictures up soon,

but I only have a couple shrub type roses that I have managed not to kill over the past 9 years.

Our little local convenience store has a very small little plant shop on the side and they have the most gorgeous roses you have ever seen out there.

Leslie, Emma and I had to make a little girls only run to the market last evening and of course I had to have a couple of these babies......for starters!!

These roses are in 2 gallon pots and they are very healthy and they were 2 for $14.99

Can't find a rose of that quality at that price at a big box store!

I got a gorgeous plum colored "Intrigue" Rose and one called "Love" which is a beautiful red but the back of the petals are white reminding me of a candy cane! Both are floribundas.

This sure has got my wheels a rolling on figuring out just how many I can get on my property!

I can put climbers all the way around my back deck, and that may discourage Danny from wanting to put anything under there such as a lawnmower cart that has had a flat tire for 8 years now! Maybe I could run a rambling rose up over it!! HUM????

I also have ideas for many different places that I can stick a floribunda or a hybrid tea rose.

Then I can always remind him that he did in fact promise me a rose garden and a duck pond before we got married!!
My neighbor at The Fairy's Rest, Jesse, has the most beautiful roses all over his place. I have been drooling over them for a couple weeks now too.
Robin and I paid him a visit this week and she has also been inspired to plant some more roses!
It doesn't take a very big nudge for us to run out and try/buy a new plant :-))))))


Nancy M. said...

Prince Churming is really cute! I love the flowers too! So pretty!

Manuela@TPOH said...

Prince charming is cute! Your flowers look lovely! Those are good prices on the roses.


LynnS said...

Very pretty flowers, even if you (and I) don't know what they are!

So climbing roses are what it takes to discourage guys from storing stuff all over the place?? We have a walkout basement that has an invisible "store yer junk here" sign so I am going to think about a rose