Tuesday, May 25, 2010

7 Days.....

on a whole foods diet.
Has me making my own whole wheat bagels.
We are loving this new lifestyle too. We have cheated very little.
Tonight however we will bite the bullet and have
Strawberry Shortcake.....no not the whole foods way but the Granny Carrie way!
Danny's mom's shortcake with the biscuit cake!!
Ok Ok Ok I will throw in a little whole wheat flour to make all you guys happy!
It is fresh organic farm raised strawberries,
now that's about as whole as you can get!!
Robin and I finally finished quilting my quilt that has been in my frames forever.
I don't even remember how long.
This is the one that I made from a Moda Layer Cake just so I could practice with the new machine in the frames. I kinda (like really kinda) like it too!

I think not too bad for a beginner!!

The backing was a thrift store sheet and I pieced it so the edge would be up in the quilt about a foot.

Now ain't this just too cute??????
Homemade 1000 Island Dressing.
We have ate more salads this week than we have in our whole lives!

I am loving being able to open my fridge and see these big full jugs of milk!
A gallon a day!

I made my own Lemon Cheese with Dill and Chives yesterday!

It was a big hit!
Easy to make too.

Started another batch of eggs......wish me luck on these!

Been working a lot at The Fairy's Rest.
Like my little $10 iron bed from a yardsale??

I made this little bear about 15 years ago!
I still like him.

Urgh......the grass all came up!!

We mowed it on Sunday right before another big rain storm came thru.
I am sure it needs to be mowed again today ;-)

Danny disbudded/dehorned our babies on Sunday.

I don't like that either, but he did a really good job and they didn't seem to mind it too bad.

He was proud of himself too.
So you see we have been very busy around here but eating very good.
That's all I have to say now!!!!!!


Leslie said...

Those goat pictures are creapy!!! It looks like eyes. Glad the diet is still going good! Me not so much, but was told by the dr, today that I need to loose weight. Like I didn't already know that!

the canned quilter said...

Boy those bagels and cheese look good. I like the quilt too : )

Fonville Farm said...

Haha, Leslie, I thought the same thing about the goats too!
The cheese was YUMMY!!! Can't wait for some more! I think you should send some home with Eric tomorrow!