Monday, August 2, 2010

Banty updated count!

There are now 10 banty babies out of 11 eggs!! I told you I don't know how to count! Now do you believe me? Actually we did not get a final count on the eggs prior to her starting to set them for fear of her getting upset and not staying there.... and maybe just telling me that if I thought I could do it better to do it myself. So we let her be and do her job all by herself too. She did a fabulous job too! The one egg that did not hatch had a deformed baby in it that was alive but would have been a little different had it hatched out. Almost 100% hatch rate for her that would have been about 20% had I incubated them myself!! Actually most of her eggs hatched in the last batch that 'I' turned in the incubator. Miss Fertile Myrtle! I have to say that it is so much easier for her to do them herself!!!!! I wish I had some fertilized Buckeye eggs for her to set for me. Maybe in the spring she will go broody again and I will have some at that time.

I just love watching all 10 of these little buggers running around darting back and forth under their mothers wings. I have a new respect for "Mother hens"!! She goes in a complete tizzy when one of her biddies goes more than a couple inches away from her. I will have to really work on getting some pictures of these today!! Remember these are our first "farm raised straight from our hen, hen set on the nest for 21 days until they hatched babies" for this farm!!! We are both very proud of her too!!

I hope you all have a really great day and maybe week too!! I am working on my "list" this week. The list that is soooooooo long that I may never see the bottom of it!! I have to get off here and get to scratching things off that list!!!!!


MamaTea said...

I love watching those little chicks following their mama. Beats the heck out of incubator chicks (and I am fully qualified to say that, since we've done both) :) Enjoy the little poofballs! :)

Nancy M. said...

So cute! I love fluffy butts! That's a really great hatch rate!

the canned quilter said...

Congrats on the hatch! I love mama hens and babies they are so fun to watch : ) Greetings from The Holler !