Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Enough already....

no more poking fun at my daughters. We all sure did have fun with that though. All the memories that can be pulled up from just a picture, wow!! I told you we didn't need alcohol to get a good laugh going!!!
So now on to my serious side here.....
you didn't know I had a serious side?

Yeah......I was "seriously" crazy when I bought this butt ugly yellow chair several years ago with the wild idea that one day "I" would recover it!! HAHAHAHA
see I can always laugh at myself
just look how ugly
but it had "Good Bones"

and there is NOTHING that a good coat of white paint can't fix

I slapped 2 real good coats of my faaaaaavorite Olympic high gloss enamel latex paint on it and I mean every where on it, vinyl and all.
What's it gonna do "ruin it" if it doesn't work out?

I sanded down some areas ....just so......and now it is a new beautiful, useful, shabby chic, designer chair!!!! If you look really closely at the pictures you can see the faux painting technique that I used to mimic linen fabric.
Faux enameled vinylinen!!
Bet ya never heard of that before! Actually this fabric is very soft and pliable and I feel that it will last a good while with out cracking too!!!
I love it!!
I think I'll do the sectional sofa next! What ya think?
and look at those ugly painted floors....yucky.... I am going to have to do something about those and soon....
I have plans ;0)
of course it involves a can of paint!
So can you tell that I might not always be fun and games now?
I have fun with most every thing I do as long as there are fun people around me!
That's why I like my girls so much. I didn't like them when they were young and hadn't developed a personality like mine............LOL!! Just kidding!! I have always loved these girls cause they are the best ones ever!!! They sure give me a reason to live!!
Now that all the shopping is finished and the presents are wrapped. I have a little cooking to do and then "Come on Christmas" I am ready and also I am ready for it to be over and the decorations placed all snug in their beds for 11 months and get back to finishing those wild ideas that I have conjured up for my house. I have to get this stuff done before gardening season begins. I am sure it will take me all winter to get the inside stuff done..........................well maybe many winters!!! I better get started!!

I would also like to Thank Terri from the bottom of my crazy little heart for listing me on her "Most Influential People List of 2009"!
I have never won an award!!!
I am humbled!
I would like to Thank my family, my agent, my fans, my record label, my publisher............
Oh I am on the wrong stage here....sometimes I just drift off like that........there's probably a pill for that............
Terri, I love you and I am here for you any time you need a good laugh!!!
Hey with 5 kids she should have a lot of days that she needs a good laugh!!


Anonymous said...

You so funny!!
My daughter painted a was great and lasted a long time too!
Hope you and yours have a blessed Christmas!!
Keep that sense of's critical!

Catherine Anne said...

It looks great!!!

~OurCrazyFarm said...

Excuse me while I get a tissue:)) Okay.... great chair!! Who would have ever thought to paint the whole thing white! It's marvelous!

That floor looks awesome from the little snippet in the photo. I love hardwood. In our other old farmhouse somebody had painted the hardwood floor as well. I repainted it (white) and stenciled green ivy all around the floor where the table sat. It was really cute! Can't wait to hear about all your other projects. I just may get inspired now to bug Rob about finishing some little things around here:) Like an upstairs bathroom!

Merry Christmas my dear little friend!

Linda Stubbs said...

Hello Becky, Merry CHRISTmas!

I have 3 chairs kind of like this one you have. I can't wait to try this. You have done a wonderful job.
Blessings, Linda