Sunday, December 6, 2009

This is why I married him!!

Here is the RED tree! I am sorry to say that I wanted to cry everytime I looked at it. Look how bad it looked from outside the window.
See how bad it was having the RED tree and the normal lights in the rest of the house. Poor contrast I'm a telling ya!! Made my white dining room suite look yellow. This wasn't the camera playing tricks either.

You can click to enlarge any of the pictures but when you enlarge this one you can really see what it looked like from the road. Ugh!!
just had to throw this one in ;-)
I gathered all of this from the farm on Friday and hung it only to have it covered with almost 6" of snow yesterday. I like the effect!! It is made with hemlock branches, apple tree branches and running cedar!!

I had planned to dismantle my tree and put clear lights on it but I have been procrastinating doing it all weekend. Talked myself completely into forgeting about it and then while we were out tonight I saw so many beautifully decorated homes and some not so beautifully decorated homes and I decided that I did not want to be in the later category. I told my dearest honey that I had no choice but to redo it. He looked over at me and said "All you have to do is string the clear lights around the tree over the top of the ornaments and leave the red ones on there.".............OMG He is brilliant!!! Why hadn't I already thought of that? I guess it was my obsession with my tree making sure that every ornament is just so and every light is just so and every bow is just so and the color scheme is just so.....just so!!
SO...... we did just that tonight!! We laughed and said that we could have both the red and clear lights both burning together and it would go with my red and white candy cane theme of the after putting the clear lights on I did plug up both sets and let me tell you I almost peed in my pants!!!!!!!!!!!! It is beautiful and it does look just like a candy cane. It is so subtle yet breathtaking!! I have to brag on it because as you know you can never capture the true beauty of the lights on film. I didn't get any outdoor pictures tonight....almost got frostbite out there last night.....but you can get an idea of how happy I am with the tree anyway!! Can't ya??
I am not saying that I don't like the red lights. I love them on other peoples trees and I wanted them so badly because it is my favorite color but it just wasn't working out here for me.

I have all sorts of ornaments that seem to look OK together. I always tuck poinsettas in the tree and I have red n white striped ribbon for the bows.

I also have a lot of various birds on my tree. Love the look!!
So anyway, I now know the real reason that I married him 33 years's his brains!!! Oh yeah and the fact that he spoils me......he bought me the entire set of Townecraft Cookware Friday night!!!! Danny is now Peter's bestest friend forever!! The set could be here as early as Wednesday!! You better call my UPS guy and warn him......cause you know that sometimes I feel like hugging him when he brings me something really cool!!!!!


Nancy M. said...

It really does look a lot better! I've always wanted blue lights on my tree, I wonder if I had them, would I really like them? Your home looks pretty in all the snow!

RiverBend Farm said...

I hadn't even thought of putting red and clear lights together...what an awesome effect!!I think the heavy snow outside makes it even look more like a Christmas postcard.

Philigry said...

oh, the tree is beautiful! i lvoe it with both of the lights on there~it looks pink and wonderful.

~OurCrazyFarm said...

You picked a good one:)