Thursday, December 17, 2009

Playing with my new toys......

I know that you all know what my mailbox looks like by now. Sorry, but it just happens to have been the most photogenic object around my house since I bought my new camera. I am trying to decide if I like my camera or if it's going back to Target or Craigslist or ebay!


All the girls (daughters and granddaughters, the boys were hunting) went out Friday night for a girls night out! Robin decided that I should take my camera so we could get some blog worthy pics of all the fun. It was all of 12 degrees out when we left and my crazy car has to tell me "Baby it's cold outside" if I couldn't tell that when my buttocks hit those frigid leather seats???? Hey at least they are heated!!

(did I mention the boys were hunting? Crazy? yes!)

But this ended up being the only picture that we got that night...could have been the cold temps but I believe it was all the laughter and tears that got in the way. I mean who is thinking about getting a picture when you are trying to keep from peeing your pants?

My girls are crazy! If you ever see us all together you would think we had been drinking for hours. Trust me we don't even have to think about caffeine to get us going, let alone booze!

You should be at my house for a meal! The men have given up on trying to teach us some proper etiquette! There has been more than one mouthful of sweet tea spit across my table after a wonderful meal!! Not kidding! Memories!!

As if we aren't good enough at finding something funny in every situation our offspring will come up with something on their own. Poor kids, we have ruined them!!!!

just because

Newest playtoy!!!

My Christmas gift from Leslie, an MP3. Thank You Leslie!!

My life has been changed for ever. I am such a music junkie and this gives me my fix whenever I need it! I have a lot of habits, most of them bad. No I don't drink, even though most would think it when my girls are around, don't smoke, don't do drugs (even though I do have a new pot addiction)....hehehe.......cookware that is!!

I have spent hours downloading music to my MP3, from LimeWire and all sorts from my laptop from my seriously crazy amount of CD's.....OMG I am such a junkie! Hey this MP3 helped me get a lot of housework done yesterday too!

Did I tell you that I am addicted to food? Well I am! There I have come clean! You now know all my bad habits.

Remember my new stove that my dearest honey bought me back in the summer? Well this is my first try at cookies............I have NEVER been able to make edible cookies. They always looked like lacy, black, frisbees! Have you ever seen a lacy black frisbee??

' come on around to my house'...... Oops sorry there....this MP3 is getting to me....Katy Mitchell was singing loud and clear in my ears as I am typing. From the Nights In Rodanthe CD!!!

Good stuff!!! Better with cookies!!


these chocolate chip cookies were just I am not kidding....I do have to toot my horn here.....they were blue ribbon worthy. I have never tasted a chocolate chip cookie that good in my whole long life! Seriously they are so good that I am scared to even try to make another batch because they will never be that good again. If they are as good I will so be getting a job as a spokesperson for Samsung!!

now on to my pot addiction........

My new Townecraft Cookware......has changed my life forever too.

I have changed my thoughts and habits completely with this method. I have not burned anything since the sweet potato incident the first night. I am learning. I am learning. I am learning. It is so different. I was telling Leslie the other day I was trying to add antioxidants to my diet because of my sarcoidosis and telling her that the way that the food was prepared had a lot to do with how many antioxidants remained in the food. I told her that this new cookware was supposed to help hold on to the antioxidants in the food. do you know what she said to that........brat....."Oh, I see, you can better absorb antioxidants from burnt food."


Remember Peter's pizza that was the best pizza ever? Danny has been begging me to try pizza in the electric skillet that came with my set. So last night I did.

I used my newest homemade crust recipe and Ragu pizza sauce. The pan was sprayed generously with Pam. The dough was patted gently into a cold pan. I browned some of my homemade italian sausage, put it on the sauce and topped it generously with a lot of mozzarella.

Cover the pan turn it to 350 degrees and cook for 10-12 minutes. Don't peek! That is my hardest part.....I am a pot watcher. I set the timer for 10 minutes. when the dinger went off I had to check it. It need just a little more time so I waited for 2 minutes. I let it get just a tad too brown on the bottom....Peter said 11 minutes and he was right. The cookbook said 10-12. Of course that's what I get for thinking that I knew what I was doing!!!

finished in the pan.....

Yummy...double triple yummy!! See the black flecks of crust on the plate?.....they weren't really black just a little too dark but not burnt..............super duper easy pizza!!!!! Good thing I can make pizza at home because we will never be able to eat out again due to the cost of these pans!!

So that's what I have been doing.........playing with all the crazy settings on my camera.....baking cookies...... playing with the girls.......playing with my MP3.........playing with my pot addiction and lots and lots of eating!!!!!!

So since I have now bored you to pieces I have a new blog that I have found this morning. Lisa is the most talented woman in the world! I know you think I have been exagerating a lot today but this has all been the truth and this is no exception.....just go on over and check her out.....make sure you have cookies and a cup of coffee cause you may get hungry!! I am warning you!!!!

(the chocolate chip cookie recipe was from my pink Better Homes and Garden cookbook, if you would like this recipe I will be happy to post it. Oh yeah, that's right, you guys have always been able to make "perfect" cookies all along!!)


~OurCrazyFarm said...

You weren't kidding! That Lisa is TALENTED!!! Are you kidding about your camera?? Those pictures look awesome! Give us the pros and cons, one day I would love a bigger, fancier camera, but have no clue what to look for! Sounds like a great time with those girls:)))

Farm Chick Paula said...

WOW- Look at all those toys! *squeeeal*
Miss Rebecca- you are one lucky gal!

~OurCrazyFarm said...

Ooooops! I forgot to send over this chocolate chip cookie recipe (with pudding) for your recipe box. YUMMY!!!! Terri

Nancy M. said...

It sounds like y'all girls have the best time!

If you decide you don't want the camera, you can send it my way, lol! You have such fun toys!

RiverBend Farm said...

You win the prize! That was a great prize..girl, you were on a roll! Love all the great pictures..I want to hear about your camera and the cookware. Tell, tell, tell.

Leslie said...

We always have so much fun together! I have the best family in the whole world!!! Your welcome for your early Christmas present! Glad you like it!!!

Janean said...

shut the stinkin' door! where have i been? that pot thing is new to what camera did you get because i've got one on my Christmas list (until i can buy my REAL camera - nikon 50...or any double number! lol)