Monday, December 28, 2009

Eye candy? Ooooohhhhhh Yeah!!

As most of you should already know by now, I LOVE SHABBY WHITE THINGS!!

Nothing makes me shiver in my skates like looking at the pictures of a shabby white room filled to the brim with well loved, hand picked, white objects of my desire!

So I am bursting at the seams to share with you some of the blogs that I frequent, or that I have just found, that fill my heart and my eyes with inspiration!

This is the look that I have been striving to achieve for the past couple years now. I think I have most of "The Bones" in place and just have a lot of painting and tweaking to do. The beauty of this type of decorating is that it is an evolving process and one never needs to think about stopping. There is always a yard sale or thrift store and maybe an antique store with just the perfect little item that can be added to the room to make it just so. Also the comfort factor! Even though most items are white they can still be used without a lot of worry about them getting dirty or worn. Believe me that is what I need since i am married to 'a dirty old man'.....hehehe a bulldozer man!

Not to mention the crafts.

I have really been inspired by all the great Christmas decor crafts that I have seen this year. Things that can be tweaked to be used throughout the year. Whether it be made out of different matierials or different colors or used in a different way from the original Christmasy idea.

Not that I made anything for Christmas, but my head is full of ideas for future Christmases and the rest of the year!!

I have to say before you head off into the land of inspiration, that I am just a little ole country girl who lives in the boonies of southwest Virginia and the only language that I speak is a little hick version of English and my Spanish is only used for ordering food in a mexican restaraunt! You will see that some of these blogs are not in English and truthfully I couldn't even begin to tell you what language they are in!

However, the pictures are universal!

These blogs are loaded down with pictures of my style! I know you didn't think I had style but I have it in my head and I am ready to pull it out of the cobwebs and get it put into play!!!!

My Style involves or includes....



(all versions of 'old' that have the same meaning)





twinkling clear lights


painted anything

concrete statues






and a good splash of toile

among many other things

So go yonder and dream as I do of a place to live in, sleep in, entertain in, and "be in" that looks like this!!

(click on the links below)

Shabby Charm (check out her painted white floors)

and one of my very favorite

oops don't go there yet! That is another work in progress! I am doing the same type of decorating there as I am at home. I don't have any pictures yet because I forget my camera everytime I go down to do any work. I am loving the look that is coming together there and I feel that I could live there forever!

Leslie is not too fond of that idea though!

Maybe just a lot of family gatherings there!!


RiverBend Farm said...

What happened? I got no pictures!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

that little girl is SO gleeful! makes me happy to see her, thanks.