Thursday, December 3, 2009

Got goat milk? Or a goat to milk?

Well I have the milker right here!

Too pretty you say to milk a goat??

Well yeah, we thought so too!

But what do ya know, she has proven us wrong yet again!!!!!!

She decided out of the blue that her and Colton were going to milk Saphira Saturday morning by themselves. I laughed!! I went with her so I could help tie her up. I know this sounds cruel but trust me it is for every ones good, Saphira's included, to have 3 of her legs tied during the milking or there would be no milk in the pail. I am sure you remember that story from way back when I first started milking her!!!!
So after she was tied Morgan just took off like she had done this all her life. I asked Colton to please hurry and get the camera cause this was surely a Kodak moment. I made the best video of her milking and I can't for the life of me get it to upload to blogger or youtube. I thought it was too big so on Sunday morning she milked again and I made a much shorter video and it still won't upload so you are stuck pictures.....they are not staged.....she was actually milking!!!!!
I am not surprised because Morgan can do anything. She coonhunts, carries her own gun and shoots the coon out, when Colton lets her ;-} that is. She goes squirrel hunting by herself, she can cook, play a mean guitar and violin. I think she is beautiful and she is getting ready to turn 15.......OMG she is making me an old granny!!!!! Oh yeah she has a blog too!!!!! Go on over and welcome her to blogland!!!! She has pictures of her yummy meatballs that she made to bring to our Thanksgiving dinner!!!!
I love you Morgan!!!!!
You are my favorite brown haired brown eyed grandaughter!!!!!
ps. Which picture do you like the best? Morgan in a dress or her Carhartt hunting attire?


~OurCrazyFarm said...

Who says pretty girls can't milk goats??! The good looks must run through the maternal side, along with the artistic abilities and farming instincts:) I bet she was pretty proud that day!

RiverBend Farm said...

Ohhh, I want a goat! Just can't decide if that's for me or not. Y'all look like you're having fun.

Fonville Farm said...

She certainly doesn't get that from her mother, haha! Turning 15, she's making me an old momma too!

Anonymous said...

aw, she's beautiful! I like the dress and boots..who says you can't be stylish AND a milker too???
Thanks for the comment on my blog..this is the SECOND time I broke the same toe...yes it is horrible when it gets caught in the bedsheets and it does take FOREVER to heal!!
Darn near makes me want to keep shoes on my feet...well...almost ;)