Sunday, December 20, 2009


doesn't officially start until what do you call this?
I call it a dismal disaster!
these ice daggers are heading right for the windows

with 20 degree weather I am not really hankering to have to replace windows so I had Danny get out there and break these biggest icicles off. I suggested that he take a really long stick and hit them. I looked outside and he was standing up under this huge sheet of melting snow and ice hanging off the side of a steep roof using the short handled snow shovel to knock this ice off!!

He obviously hasn't had a roof full of snow fall on his head like I have.......
but we won't go there girls!!!

Shut up Robin!!!

Our snow total here in the valley was only 14" anyway that we could measure but our local news reported last evening that we were under 26" here in the valley.........our phone started ringing off the hook with family making sure that we were coping under that much snow!!!!! We aren't sure where those folks were that measured it at 26" but it must have been in a snowdrift!

and for the record Hallmark has ruined my Christmas............yes ruined it.....I should have my house cleaned and lots of cooking and baking finished by now but they put all those sappy deliciously heart warming Christmas movies on there around the clock and I can't hardly pry myself or my husband away from the sofa and TV to get anything done! We made a pact this morning that we would finish the movie that we were watching and not watch the next one so we could both do some things around the house......I cooked lunch, did laundry and dishes and finished wrapping presents....he knocked down icicles, shoveled 3 1/2 miles of paths around the farm so that I could feed tomorrow if he works, among other outside things. We fixed our plates, ate lunch in front of the TV and didn't move for 2 more hours!!!!!!!!
I had to catch Clark Griswalds sleigh ride before I got up to blog..........LOLLOLOLOLOL!!!!! ..... now my Christmas movie watching is complete, not finished but I am complete even if I don't get to see anymore!!!!!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Buck up, Becky! -grin- We've twenty plus inches and it's still coming down and supposed to snow, off and on, through Wednesday, I think. When spring/summer arrives, we'll really have to meet halfway and have a good chin wag; it will be a hoot!
Merry Christmas
from Thistle Cove Farm

Fonville Farm said...

hahaha! i was already laughing before i read "shutup robin"!

Sage said...

I'm LOVIN' it! My entire family in VA is just about snowed I'm jealous! Not saying it's not a wee bit chilly here in SC, but ..Snow?? PUHLEASE if they got snow here it would paralize this area! I'm still jealous!

Nancy M. said...

Those are some huge icicles!

~OurCrazyFarm said...

Great pictures! The weather is BEAUTIFUL up here in WI:)))

What?? You're not going to share the rest of the falling snow story? We just might have to ask Robin!

Leslie said...

I am laughing too! Everytime I walk outside and see all of the snow piled up on the roof thats all I can think of. I don't think those huge icicles coming down on a head would feel very good though!

Lorilee said...

Yikes! Those are some scarey icicles! We seldom see snow in South Texas! We actually had snow start falling on Christmas eve and awoke to 12 inches on Christmas day in 2004. It still brings tears to my eyes to think about it!