Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My lifesavor's.......

These were in the mail yesterday! Did some one hear my prayer requests? I have cabin fever/spring fever so bad right now. I always get so tired of the cold days of winter but never this early. I am by no means bored. Don't get me wrong there because I have more hobbies than you could shake a stick at but I am so over the snow and cold. The snow is just "laying around waiting on somemore"...as my father-in-law used to say! Well come on and get it over with!!!!
Be still my heart!
When I opened this catalog I was in heaven. I knew that there was a light at the end of the tunnel! That there was a promise of Spring!
I love squashes and cucumbers. I dream of making more of my lime pickles. I made almost 60 pints of them last year and haven't hardly touched them, I think I am hoarding them! I believe I will make potato salad and deviled eggs today!! Sounds like a warm weather meal to go along with my dreaming of warm weather theme! We had the blah blah blah winter bean soup yesterday.......but it was down right yummy!!!!! A winter 6 bean soup. yum yum!!

I love peas and beans

What more needs to be said here?
I will be able to start my own seeds for all my plants again this year since I am not working! We are always so much happier when we do that. Other than the fact I can't stand to let a single plant go to waste and feel that I have to plant them all even I do have 43 tomatoes already planted ;-)

My Blue Angel!
Heard that song?
Well this little beauty made my heart sing! Danny even liked it! I have/had a New Dawn rose on either end of my pergola that is in my front garden. The pergola is dead as is one of the roses and the other rose has gotten sooooooo big that it looks like a rose tree now. I think it is past repair. I have been promised a new pergola but he didn't get around to it this past summer but maybe this spring! What you think about 2 Blue Angels one on either side and meeting in the middle??
I told him I thought we needed a pergola at The Fairy's Rest with Blue Angel's too........he didn't give me an angelic reply to that one!!!!

Ooohhhhhh!!!! Oouuhhhhhh!!! Aaawwwwwhhhh!!!!
My blueberries! I have a freezer full of them too. Yep I am a hoarder! I get that honest though. My mother just "knew" that everyone would starve when Y2K hit! She had so dagummed many cans of Treet on the shelves in her cellar that they could feed all of Virginia on Treet alone for a week!!!

I was trying to decide yesterday what I wanted to make with blueberries and never got around to deciding on anything. Leslie called me this morning to tell me that she was making this! I have been to this site before.... Blueberry-Recipe.com but I don't remember if I made anything or not. I think I will find something today!
Leslie also told me immediately how happy she was that she had this same seed catalog in the mail yesterday!!!
See, great minds think alike!!!

If you are a gardener you will know where I am coming from here! If you are under a foot of snow that won't move you should know where I am coming from too! Either way I hope I have put a little glimmer of hope for warm sunny days in your heart too!!


Leslie said...

I have drooled over my Gurney's magazine since getting it in the mail yesterday. I want at least one of everything out of it. I always get the gardening bug in the dead of the winter, but in the summer its just so hot that I can't keep the weeds under control or the rocks picked up. I have to do something different this year maybe raised beds, if I can talk hubs into it. The blueberry coffee cake was delicious. Colton even liked it once I convinced him it doesn't have coffee in it. Crazy kid!
I'm dreaming of green grass without snow on top!!!

Nancy M. said...

I got a seed catalog in the mail too. I guess I need to start thinking about the garden for next year. It so nice to still be able to eat things from last year's garden!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Oh, I thought you were doing another post about me!! HAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHE I love the new look, by the way! It makes me want spring to come even more! I am with you Becky~ the holidays are over, so now the snow can go away. I have lots, and lots, and lots of things to work on that require sunshine and digging holes. Go with the blue- pretty! And, do you have blueberry bushes? We just planted some last spring and are only in the dreaming stages of all those yummy fruits. Have you tried bake french toast with blueberries? I'll go dig out the recipe and post it on the blog... just for you my funny winter lifesaver:))

goatmilker said...

We got our Gurneys catolog yesterday to. Me and my husband were looking at them this morning well drinking coffee. Can't wait to start my garden. Have a great day Rebekah.

Kelle said...

We too are receiving seed cataloges, although ours are from small companies. The larger ones, such a Gurney's are now owned by Monsanto and we refuse to do any kind of business with their likes, sorry.

If you are at all concerned about your food and GM or franken foods, then be wary of many of the larger seed companies, do your research, because many are owned by a mother company, that being Monsanto.

We're still enjoying our mini pumpkins, carrots, squash, onions, garlic, cabbage and potatoes from our root cellar, add to this all our canned goodies and we're plum spoiled rotten!

Blessings from,
The Never Done Farm

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Thanks Kelle! I will have to do some research on that one and who ever I end up dealing with. I usually get my seeds from our local feed/seed/hardware store and have always had good luck with their seeds. Last year a ordered from Seed Savers Exchange and I wasn't over the top thrilled with my seeds. Some of the crops were fabulous but some didn't even come up. We are mostly organic here, maybe natural......not sure what the gov would label our type of gardening????????? LOL!!!!

We sure enjoy all those fresh veggies and fruits!!!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Oh Leslie, I don't want to hear your whining because you have to mow that huge yard yet again next summer!!!!! Maybe we can remind each other of the bad winter we had and be happy to have grass to mow!!!!!!!