Monday, December 21, 2009

The song remembers when....

( photo courtesy of GM Photostore)
I just heard my favorite and most memorable Christmas song,
(fav non hymm)
I remember hearing this song on the radio for the first time and wheeling around and heading right back to the local record store to buy the 45. Yep I am that old! I wasn't old then. I was a really cool chick riding around in my 1984 Camaro Z28, black as shown in this picture but it had a red stripe around the skirt! I had the short shag that was very heavily highlighted...well "Frosted" as it was called then! I always wore those huge earrings so famous in the 80's, mainly fans or seashells or just big ole painted hoops that everyone owned to match their every outfit!!
I had the
white leather fringe coat just like Deborah wore in the video of this song. Her's didn't have fringe but I had one with and one without fringe only they were white. My eldest daughter got me in plenty of trouble because of these 2 coats too. Long story!! I wore the collar turned up just like she did too. My hair was not long enough to crimp like hers but rest assured it was punked up enough!!
I had the jeans that had the straight legs but they had to be folded down just so and rolled up just so so that your cool socks showed. I also had some really cool short lace-up boots and all sorts of leather and suede ones that were scrunchy boots. I would wear those flat cool boots one day with my pants legs rolled up.........just so......and the next I would wear my cowboy boots and a pair of straight legged Levi's with the pants legs in or out depending on the mood!!
I worked with my best friend and she was famous for wearing colored pumps with her jeans and she would sometimes talk me into wearing the same thing to work. We were called "The bobsy twins".......they were just jealous because they weren't as full of coolness as we were!!!
My oh My!!!!
Funny how a song can send you on a quick blast to the past isn't it?
Now girls, don't be ashamed of your mother's reminiscing here because I could tell some stories about your fads too!!!
I have also heard that the famous folding and turning of the pants legs of the 80"s is coming back now!!! LOL!!!! I can't wait! I will surely look like Humpty Dumpty now!!!
So there you have it! I was in my hay day in the 80's and I know that was eons ago because Morgan will get us girls together and ask for us to tell her some stories of things that happened "Way back in the olden day's. You know Granny back in the 80"s"
I want to hear some of your blast's from the past!!


~OurCrazyFarm said...

I think I've burnt all the incriminating evidence of the 80's, but the memories are still vivid! I was just old enough to get in on the folded pants, the loooong shirts, the mile-high hair do that you couldn't go out in the rain or ride a motorcycle with. Aqu-Net must have been rich through out those years:)) How are we that old? I swore I would never wear bell bottoms in those days, so laughed when they did come back in fashion. I am still addicted to hairspray, which is a curse at times:) When we hear those oldie-but-goodies songs on the radio it makes me feel like I'm 15 again and just starting to fall in love with Rob. The kids laugh at us:) But, I am not, I repeat not, going to start folding my pant legs again.... too much work to keep them just so, and the only cute guy I have to impress now adays loves me even without the latest fashion or hairspray!

Leslie said...

I remember the white fringe leather coat and the "fur". I know I didn't go through any of those fads, not like my sis anyway. I never had mall hair or not as high as hers anyway. I do recall M.C. Hammer pants though. But I think that was the ninties!! I can't believe the rolled up pants legs are coming back. I did do that with different colored socks and wore my hair in a pony tail on the side of my head. That was sooo cool!!! Oh yeah and stirrup pants!!! I think Emma needs some...ha...ha!!!

Fonville Farm said...

I do recall Leslie with mall hair, a fur coat and laying across the hood of a camaro! We have the pictures to prove it, haha!
Don't forget the jelly shoes for Emma and her stirrup pants! Remember they do go together along with the feather earrings!
Oh my, we were so tacky back then!
But the only way to get my hair where it needed to be, was Rave number 4, it was the stiffest that you could buy! Then you had to wash your hair with baking soda to get all of the gunk out of it afterwards!