Monday, December 14, 2009

Things that are filling my heart this Christmas!

Gods love

flavored coffee creamers

twinkling clear Christmas lights

Christmas cards, I love going to the mailbox right now

our outdoor wood furnace that keeps my home toasty warm

Danny for keeping the wood stove full of wood for me to stay toasty warm

our wood pile

Christmas baking

Christmas music

rechargeable batteries for my camera ;-)

my blogger friends

the wonderfully friendly clerk that now works at Barnes and Noble



the feeling in my heart that I donated some new books for the Montgomery Co Christmas House, a very small sacrifice but it sure does feel good inside, maybe some less fortunate children will be happy on Christmas morning

really good fencing to keep my goats in their fields so there is no chasing goats when it's cold outside, unless someone leaves the barn door open...... Danny

my nativity set

my newest grandchild due in June

the Outback Steakhouse gift card that came in our Christmas card from our local building supply/feed store that we frequent, don't see those gifts from the big box stores

Christmas decorations

apple cider with mulling spices

indoor games with my family

my shopping is almost finished and is wrapped and under the tree

my extended family

oreo balls and chocolate chip cookies

candy canes

my beautiful daughters

my husbands job

Hallmark Christmas movies, esp Christmas in Canaan! Great movie, great Christmas message

warm coats and gloves


my son-in-laws who provide so well for their families

my daughters hearts being so full of Christmas giving

what makes you happy right now?


Nancy M. said...

How awesome that your feed store gave you a gift card!

What wonderful blessings you have! My kids having presents under the tree makes me happy!

Anne Marie said...

thanks for your so nice comment you left about the cake....too sweet!