Saturday, December 19, 2009

How high's the snow, honey? 2 feet high 'n rising...

Remember Johnny Cash's song, "How high's the water honey?"
Well this is snow and a lot of it!
My back deck, thru the window, can't get the door open, still snowing, more expected til 7PM tonight, it's now 6:27 AM

this rocker is in it's stationary position (you know with no one rocking in it, unless that's Frosty sitting there) and it rests comfortably at my knees when I am sitting in it, I measured and I figure this is about 19" of snow!!!!

you can't tell by these pictures but it is still snowing pretty heavily........Someone Please Take It Back..........I like a White Christmas as well as the next person but come on now......bad timing! There are 2 major highways that are shut down, 77 and 81............all the Christmas travelers stranded in this......oh yeah it's roughly 25 degrees out there too........the National Guard has been helping on 81 and set up a shelter that now has more than 300 stranded motorists..........not the way I want to spend my holidays and I am sure it's not theirs either.....PLEASE PRAY FOR ALL THE FOLKS WHO HAVE TO BE OUT THERE FROM RESCUE PERSONNEL TO STATE HIGHWAY WORKERS TO TRAVELERS!!!!

My crazy husband doesn't take a weather man seriously. He thinks they always feed us hogwash. If He was doing a job for one of these folks and they tried to question his skill at his profession he wouldn't like it nary bit now would he?....but....he wouldn't listen to them calling for snow yesterday and heed warning, so he waited until after the roads were very well covered and everyone and their brother was out on the roads, to head home. It took him 3 1/2 hours to travel a one hour trek. I told him I didn't want to hear about all the crazy people who almost made him wreck!!!!!!!!!!! Men!!!!
at least he got home safely.......

while I was getting my pictures my power started flickering really seriously .......... woooooo I made a mad dash to "draw up some water" and now I feel that I am ready if it does go out. If you don't hear from me in a few days you will know what's happened.....I have 3 batteries for this laptop but there are issues with batteries and this laptop.........long story!!

and the dearest husband who doesn't believe in a weatherman did not get the wood in for the wood cook stove like I asked him to do.......... his little hiney may get cold and hungry!!! We don't have heat when the power is out even though we have that great outdoor wood furnace, takes electricity to blow that heat inside!!

So I hope all you guys out there are safe and warm today!!!!


update 9:50 AM~~~ not snowing and may not get any more~ wooooowooowooooo!!!
Dearest hubby got out and measured the snow and it was only 14" on the table! I stand corrected. Must have blown under the rocker cause I know I have more than 14" from my knees to the floor!!
25 miles of 81 shutdown, more than 1000 cars stranded and more than 100 tractor trailers stuck in the snow!!! OMG!!!
I still have electricity!!


Lorilee said...

YIKES! I hope everyone stays safe and warm! It is beautiful though.

Kelle said...

Praying for all those who are stranded, as well as those traveling to rescue the stranded.

YIKES! I don't remember where you live, but evidently this isn't the norm for your winter?

I remember 7 years ago almost to the week, we'd just moved into this house and after a long day of hauling and unpacking, we were exhausted. Our moving day was a beautiful, blessed day, with clear roads and nice temps( for Dec.) Anyway when we went to bed it was clear and actually quite warm, again for Dec. When we woke the next morning there was 15+" of snow and it was still snowing flakes, as large as golf balls. It was a very wet snow, which made it harder to remove when shoveling, it stuck to the shovel and was so... very heavy. Many of the trees broke under the weight of the wet snow, making roadways a mess.

Stay warm and praying your power stays on.

Anonymous said...

And to think that I don't like to travel anywhere when it rains!
Glad you are warm and dry are still warm inside, right?

Shanda said...

Oh My, I just had to come and see how it was there. We olny got a dusting of maybe 1 1/2 inches here in mid Missouri. Stay warm and be safe.