Monday, December 21, 2009

So Leslie........

did you say in your comment from the previous post that you didn't have mall bangs in the 80's? That you didn't do fur?
How about Camaro's?
Did you do Camaro's?
In the 80's?
No?You were right it was 1990!!
Mall bangs!
Spiral perm!
Fur coat!
Straight Legged jeans!
Scrunchy socks!
.......drum roll...........
and saddle oxfords!!!!
I still love you!!!
On the other hand, I, myself couldn't do mall bangs........

until 1991!!
I don't even know what this was called!
And what's up with your dad's shirt?
I mean who dressed him that day and let him out of the house?
I mean he had lots of hair and it had color, natural color too, but still that shirt??????

I remember Jason, Robin's first husband, riding behind me in the car that day and fussing because he couldn't see around my hair!!!!!! LOL!!!!! So I guess he just stared at Danny's shirt the whole trip!!!

Now Robin you can stop laughing anytime now because tomorrow is YOUR day!!!!!


Fonville Farm said...

haha! Leslie, she found the picture!

~OurCrazyFarm said...

Oh, I am so glad that you are not MY mother! That's why I won't show my mother how to blog or upload photos onto the internet:)) That hair... Oh, too, funny! You make me laugh! You are a brave woman to go public with these!

Leslie said...

I thought I was soooo HOT that day!! I mean I was going to end up on the front of Vogue with those beautiful photos! What was I thinking, I mean what was you thinking for giving me such big hair. I think Daddy fussed a little before wearing that shirt, but he still wore it. Love your hair too! The bigger the better in those days!!! Too funny. I can't wait for Robin's I bet I know which one it is!!!!

BTW you bought me saddle oxfords because they were soooo cool!

Lorilee said...

Isn't it amazing how styles change and embarrass us later! Way to go mom! My son doesn't agree, but I tell him my success as a mom depends on my embarrassing him!

Jeannette said...

LOL, that's funny!