Friday, December 4, 2009

Any Griswald's Christmas Tree stories????

Christmas 2009!! (before revision)

The new Christmas Tree skirt that I made.

I love this trio of Fitz and Floyd tumbling Santa's! I kinda like the picture taken with my new camera too. This is like the only picture that I like so far. I must have lucked up and had the settings just right! I need a lot of practice!!

So...........I put up my tree yesterday and I am not at all happy with it. I have used clear lights as far back as I can even remember but have always drooled at the sight of some houses where they used all red lights. Red is my favorite color and I always planned to buy red lights and decorate with all red. Last year after Christmas I did in fact purchase a slew of red lights on clearance. I couldn't wait to get my tree up and see it in red!!

I take great pains with my Christmas tree and I have some really beautiful ornaments that I am so proud of. I always get a lot of compliments on my Christmas tree from visitors and family. Well I won't be getting any compliments this year. I HATE MY TREE IN RED!!!!!!!!! So much in fact I will probably dismantle it tomorrow and redecorate it in clear lights. I won't do it today because Peter is coming to make us a fried chicken dinner tonight and I want things to be nice for him, since he is Danny's new bestest friend ya know!!

Now on to the Griswald's trees........

Every year as Christmas approaches I am reminded of my crazy Christmas Trees Past and of other stories from friends and my family. Robin has a good one here of her Christmas 2005 tree!! V & Co has a great story of her tree for this year. It is hilarious!! Children always add such great humor to the Christmas decor!! Such as the time Morgan went sailing off the end of the couch right up in the middle of Robin's real tree. She was a year old and the tree was some sorta really prickly fir tree!!!!! She was stuck up side down while Robin and I unstuck her. She didn't move a muscle and didn't run into that tree anymore!!!

Each year the girls and I exchange Christmas ornaments. We will buy each other a really special ornament. One year Robin bought me a really beautiful glass Santa. When Colton had just turned 2 he was here with me. He had not touched his tree at home, he would only stare at it with his eyes a sparkling. He did the same here. Until I was washing dishes and he came walking up beside me saying "Here Granny!" I turned to see him with this Santa in his hands handing it to hands were soapy and I was still able to catch it in mid air as he just tossed it to me!!!!! Whew close one!!!!

My best friend in the whole world and I had met at work 25 years ago. I had never been to her house and she invited me over one evening after work. She had a new home and had been decorating for a month for Christmas. Her cousin owned a florist shop and she bought this fabulous dreamy Christmas tree from her and I heard all about it for a month and she couldn't wait for me to see it. Her and her daughter met me and my girls in town for ice cream that evening. The whole time we were there she kept saying how she just couldn't wait for me to see her Christmas tree. Over and over and we finally made our way to her house, it was dark out so she got to the door and we made our way inside with the lights off and she said as she turned on the lights in her living room. and she was watching my face ....."Tah Dah! Look at my Christmas tree!!!!"

Well......honey...... um....where is it?

It was laying flat in the floor!!!!!!!!!!! OMG we laughed so hard!!! I told her that I did love it as much as she did!!! We spent the next hour tieing it to the curtain rod so it wouldn't happen again. She was so embarressd!! The other girls at work asked me how I liked her tree. I told them it was like none I have ever seen before!!!!!

When Leslie and Travis were dating Travis worked on a tree farm and we told him to be sure and get us a nice Christmas tree. Boy did he get us a nice tree. He said he wanted to impress us so he picked out a fabulous blue spruce that sold at the time for around $100. When he bought it to us it was tied up. We placed it in the tree stand and got it in the house. It was too tall for the room so it bent at the top and had to be cut off so the topper could fit and when he cut the string it was almost as bad as Clark Griswald cutting the string on his tree. It filled up our tiny living room!!! Danny couldn't see the TV for a month!!!!!!!!!

So if you have a good Christmas Tree story please share! I need a really good laugh. I am sure I will need a good laugh tomorrow while I am dismantling mine and redoing it. I mean how many times should one decorate in a 12 month period???


Fonville Farm said...

I love these stories! I forgot about Morgan falling in the tree! You're gonna be too busy cooking daddy all kinds of food tomorrow in all this new cookware he's gonna get from Peter, so you won't have time to redecorate your tree!

Amanda said...

At least you just have tree issues and no cousin Eddie! ;)