Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bubba's Blue Baby Blanket, Brown Barn Boots and Blue Booties

Now say that three times really fast!!

" Bubba" is my grandson that is due in June!!

Bubba's real name is to be E. Fonville II

so we decided that instead of Little E

that he needed a southern boy's name!

He lives in Atlanta.

You can't get much more southern than Bubba, right?

I am not exactly sure how his parents will like his nickname, but we all love it up here in the sticks!!

I saw this pattern in a crochet book Friday and just knew that I could do it myself without a pattern.

A Log Cabin baby blanket!

Who thunk that one up?

I bet that lady has a son or grandson named Bubba too!!!

You know this is my favorite quilt pattern and

of course it is fitting as a pattern for

a little country bumpkins baby blanket too!!

I think the colors look good together.

This is very easy to make.

The one in the book was just a big round of strips that looked like one block.

I decided to make mine in smaller blocks.

I have almost finished the fifth block and I need 9.

I will strip the blocks with white.

I hope he likes it!!!

I am sure he will like these!

His first "Coonhuntin" boots!!

I can see him with these on the wrong feet!

That runs in the family.

His big sister, Morgan the coonhunter, had to buy these for him!

They are the cutest boots ever!

Well Morgan had a pair of itty bitty bitty black lace up ropers that were so precious too!
Morgan also had a pair of purple Barney rainboots

that she wore every minute of every day on the wrong foot

and when she did take them off.........

...whew rubber boots can make for stinky feet.

It was a battle for a long long time between her and her parents over those boots!!

hehehehe...... memories!!

They even have a tractor on the side of them.......aawwhhhh too cute!!

Now he just needs some Carhartt Bibs in a teeny weeny size!

I think if we dress him like this he will be able to pull off the name Bubba! LOL!!!

and about the blue booties......Robin (his mommy) made him the cutest pair of

blue baby booties

this weekend !

All by herself.
She didn't even have to have me decipher the pattern for her.

Now she will have to post pictures of those over at her blog.
FYI: Blogger's spellcheck doesn't recognize the name Bubba, Carhartt or coonhuntin!
Get with the times Blogger!!


Fonville Farm said...

I can just see Little Bubba in his cloth diaper, wearing his boots on the wrong feet, dragging his blanket around with him and eating watermelon! I think we have pictures of his sister doing something along these lines;)

the canned quilter said...

Love the blanket, adore the boots. Bubba is a lucky boy. We have baby Hank due in July. Remember "Fred" his mama? Hank's daddy is a duck hunter so I am making a duck decoy quilt for Hank. Did I say that I adore the boots : )

OurCrazyFarm said...

Oh!!! Those boots are tooooo cute!! Almost makes me want an itty bitty baby boy again! Love that log cabin pattern! You are one talented lady! He'll be a lucky little Bubba with a Grandma like you:)))

Nancy M. said...

Those colors are gorgeous together! And the boots are SO precious!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Aaawwhhh Thanks ladies!!! You all really encourage me to do better!!!

Love to all,

Morgan said...

Love the boots! I did a pretty good job picking them out (: