Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eastern Bluebirds outside my window!!

I love having birds come into my yard and garden but my cats also love them to come here too!!!
I have 3 outdoor barn cats and NO THANKS I DO NOT WANT ANYMORE!!!! These have all been fixed and I hope they live forever cause they keep down the mice, moles and squirrels (which I like for squirrels to be around but the cats keep them at bay) and unfortunately an occasional beautiful songbird also falls prey to them.
Then of course we have crows. Lots of crows.
Many big huge noisy crows that love to eat my birdfeed
so I stopped feeding the songbirds several years ago.
Too expensive to feed my chickens that actually give me food back let alone the crows who just take whatever they can from me!

This winter has been so bad here with all the snow and ice and there is nothing out there for any of the wildlife to eat. It has just broke my heart that I did not have a feeder for the birds.
Yesterday Danny looked out my office window and yelled for me to come and look at what was in my crabapple was 6 bluebirds! I have never had these birds at my feeders, bluejays yes but not these. See the beautiful blue coat he has on? Well this was a horrible picture but in real life he/she was gorgeous!!!!
not the best picture

They were all so dagum pretty!! I cried!!
Danny asked me why I stopped putting feed out for the poor little fellows? When I reminded him he said "Oh well we can put a stop to the crows and the cats getting the feed!" wink wink wink
"Humanely", I said!!!!!

So we went out to the hardware store....cabin fever anyway...and a good trip to the fabric store thrown in too =)))).........and he got the makings for 2 birdfeeders!!! He has one almost finished and I'll post pictures asap.
I can't wait for them to come back and eat outside my window again!!
Darn barn cats beware!!!!!! Danny'll get ya!!

Crows beware!!! Becky's gotta gun!!
The last time I shot a crow out my kitchen window that was eating the garden, I wrecked on the way to work. I was hit by a tractor trailer and I vowed never to kill anything like that again.
I may have to eat those words!!!

Like I said these birds have never been spotted here so I had to look them up online. I think these are in fact Eastern Bluebirds. If they aren't would someone tell me what they really are. I think bird watching could be my new habit/hobby!! I needed another one!! hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!


Brenda said...

Very pretty! I hope that means that spring is on the way!! Enjoy watching them. My Mom has put feeders outside her window. She loves watching the variety that come to share the feeders.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Are those barn cats or darn cats Danny is after:))) (Okay, okay, I'll quit spellchecking now, it's just a bad little habit I have) We have a couple of really pretty cats we could ship down to you, what's 2 more egg eating cats.... it'll make Danny happy!! Those birds must be a sure sign of spring!!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Hahaha Terri, They are "Darns"/Darned barn cats!!!!!
Please don't send me any more of them whatever they are!! Danny will get tongued tied calling both of us names!!

Yes Ladies I sure do hope they are a sign of SPRING!!!!!!

Amy said...

Beautiful blue birds. We have a couple that come to our feeder every once in a while. I can't stand those big black birds that scare away my little cuties.. but I guess they have to eat too.

Lorilee said...

Oh how wonderful. I would LOVE to have Eastern Bluebirds at my feeders.

the canned quilter said...

I love bluebirds and they come to my feeders regularly. I also have 2 bluebird houses up on the property and enjoy when the young ones start to fly!

CE Webster said...

I love bluebirds, too! I had a couple last year and can't wait till they're back this spring and summer.

Anonymous said...

Your Bluebird showed up outside my office window this mroning in Wooster. He was perched on our AC unit for a few seconds only. The freezing rain must be tough on him, but hopefully better times are ahead and Spring is close.

日月神教-任我行 said...