Friday, February 12, 2010

I Heart This......

....picture of my John Deere with the same red shovel in front....looks like someone would go move it!! Cool picture, huh??
I thought it was pretty cool too!!

and it came from this camera!!!!
My brand new Nikon D3000!!
Yep that does a heart good!!

I know you are thinking.....but Becky you just got a new camera for Christmas........well I know it but as it turns out that one was a lemon!!
So I boxed it right back up and took it right back to Target and upgraded to this peach!!
This is my first DSLR and I am very overwhelmed so far but I know that I have yet to read the me manuals are the type of things you read when you are trying to fall asleep.
I could also get this book to help me learn it, maybe!!

When I get really good at attracting birds to my backyard I will have to identify them so I picked up this book today to help me out. Then I have the new camera to take some good pictures of those special birds!!
I wish I would have looked for that book for the camera but I didn't know it was one out there until I was back home and researching the camera......yet again.....I dreamed about cameras last night because I had been studying so much about them.
Hahaha and you guys just thought I was working on taxes all day......
Not all day ;-)


Catherine Anne said...

Love this

Lorilee said...

Neat photo. I love my camera too! I received my first 35mm while I was in high school. I loved it too, but digital ROCKS!

Brenda said...


the canned quilter said...

How funny, taxes huh?

Nancy M. said...

Wow, nice camera! Congratulations! I know you'll love it!