Sunday, February 14, 2010

Her Mother's Garden!

Where do I begin?

Her Mother's Garden is actually my garden.

My beautiful daughter Robin posted the most beautiful post

over on her blog about my garden


(What a nice Valentines Day present that was to me!!)

(Danny bought me a bushel of sweet potatoes LOLOLOL!!! and a camera)

We moved in our house soon to be 9 years ago on May 1. Robin and her husband had just separated and she moved back home with us for a couple years while she went to nursing school.

While she was with her husband she had started a really nice perennial garden and had put a lot of money into a lot of plants that her husband did not care at all about so as she was moving in with us we bought our new house. She dug up all her plants and brought them to my house!!

Danny and I had been renting a home from her father-in-law and we were looking for a home to buy. I had told my landlord the year before that I wanted to put in some plants but when we left I would take them all with me too.

So here we move into a new house May 1 and it was a perfect time of the year to dig up all these plants and move them too.

Robin and I worked our poor fingers to the bones digging up plants and carrying them across the county in the back seats or floor boards of our cars.....her Mustang GT convertible made a good plant hauler!! As did Danny's trucks and least a tractor trailer load of plants were moved in here.

We planted and planted with out a game plan (or garden design in mind) other than to get those plants in the ground and watered. We were not going to loose a plant. There were thousands of dollars tied up in these plants.
The new neighbors would ride by and slow down

lurking at us out there planting more and more plants each day.

We weren't sure if they didn't think we were 2 lesbians that had moved in together

who loved to lesbians at that. I mean there were a lot of plants and a lot of $$$!!!!

Our house had been occupied for many years by some very very earthy 60's leftover hippies.

They grew marijuana and had evidence left of that all over the place!!

They did some really good amending of the soil in some places which I was really happy to find.

I hauled in I think 7 pick-up loads of mulch that first year........oh yeah I forgot to say that on moving day I made Danny unload his bulldozer and completely clear our yard of way overgrown Forsythia bushes and many other disgustingly overgrown trees and shrubs that were beyond repair, pruning, cutting back or what have you. This made my entire front yard from the door to the road a perennial garden!!!

I always wanted that!!

My parents came up and helped us move and I was telling my dad how big my flower garden was to be and he pondered on that idea a little while and then he said to me..."Well that will be nice if you will keep it maintained."

That remark has haunted me for years and years!!!

The hard work paid off though.

The pictures that Robin has posted is July 4th 2003....we moved May 1, 2001

My garden never looked better!!!!

I had another cookout the previous year and it looked really good but in 2003 the plants had really came into their own and was in full swing!!!

The next year we started full force on the remodel and I would loose a plant here and a plant there until I had lost almost half of my bed......

This post of hers has me really inspired to get my garden back to the way it looked that year. I still have the good bones in place and lot of other bigger and better bones now than what I did then. I just need to get the elbow grease in force again this spring and summer.

I don't want my daddy to be talking about how non-maintained my garden is any more!!!!!

Here is the post from Mother's Day 2009.

Now go on over and compare to my garden from 2003.

Do you think I will ever get it back to looking that good?
Here is a post that shows a little of the remodel.

Thanks Robin for reminding me that this horrible winter weather may come to an end!

I will be happy to just see a dandelion peeping thru the snow!!!

I will be much happier to see my garden look like it did then.....well there are always pictures!!!
ps. I forgot to mention that the pictures on Robin's blog are of a cookout in my garden where there was the water gun fight of the century held that day. There were some big weapons pulled out that day. I think Travis won!! (Leslie's husband in the grey Tshirt that you see everywhere with all those very innocent little children and he is soaking them!!!) (That was payback from the previous year when they all got him and he had no weapon!!) What fun!!!


Robin said...

Your garden was amazing! You know there are still some traces of the marijuana around apparently, at least I think that's why your animals are so crazy!

Brenda said...

Thanks for the beautiful tour though your garden - both past and present. Both versions are very pretty. They are a breath of summer warmth ... as the snow blows outside once again! I have a feeling that your garden this spring may have some elements to attract the birds!

Sue said...

Hi Robin's Mom....I'm Sue...blogger from Atlanta who just met your lovely daughter at our Valentines tea a few weeks ago...She's a lovely lady and we are all happy to have her as our new friend....Ofcourse we are all old enough to be her second mother or "Mother's....But just to let you know she will be in good hands down here in Georgia.......Your garden is beautiful by the way!!
If you haven't seen the beautiful picture of Robin at the party stop by my's back a few posts but she looks so cute...