Friday, February 26, 2010

In A Perfect World......

in a perfect world ....


I am not the only one sick and tired of this horrible winter weather

but I still feel the need to gripe about it!

This comic was in our Sunday paper.

(click on all to enlarge)

I think they about sum it up here.....

I just need to think more positively and be thankful

for the things that are so good in my life.

I need to give up complaining about the things I can not change

and take care of the things I can change.

I need to not fret any longer over the bitter cold winds that freeze my face when I am out feeding my animals.

I just need to be thankful that I have those animals

to bring me such joy the rest of the year!

Like itty bitty baby goats!

Farm fresh eggs!

Goat cheese!

Goats milk ice cream!!

etc etc

I need to not fret anymore when it is about 10 degrees

outside and 50 mph winds

and three of those precious little baby goats from

last years crop decide to just open the gate and go free wandering to and fro.

I need to bite my tongue when those said goats

try to maul me with the feed bucket....this

they would do if it was sunny and warm and the roses were blooming.

I need to wire my mouth shut so I do not call them names like
"you.... you.... you..... yidiot head" (inside joke)

and threaten their very life cause they were so stupid when I tried to get them back thru their gate.

They didn't want to do the "single file follow the leader" method.

They chose to do the "let's test her patience and go in only one at a time method".

One would run in the pen and the other 2 would poke their head thru the woven wire fence on the outside of the pen. Then they would all switch places.

This little game of cat and mouse went on for a good 15 minutes.
Goats are as bad as horses when they get out.....they go CRAZY!!!

Did I mention it was 10 degrees outside and a wind chill of a gazillion below?

Did I mention that the snow is still up to my knees in places, frozen, knobby and almost immposible to walk on in others?

I need to be thankful that I had a nice warm bed with a nice comfy pillow to lay my head on

last night......even though I laid in fear that my house would just blow off it's foundation and roll down the hill into the fishpond.

Even though my dearest husband was lying beside me oblivious to the whole

winter blizzard outside the window and was snoring at the best of his ability.

Even though that said warm bed is in a really nice new master bedroom that is only a couple years old, but the winds were so fierce that the cold air was circulating around my head.

Yes Lord I am Thankful for my many many many blessings!!

Please just help me to remember this in the trying times.


So now I will test my patience as I head out to brave the elements this morning

to run some errands and go to Michaels and get some painting tools. I have a couple coupons burning a hole in my pocket!

Then I have to hurry home and make Homemade Noodles for the freezer like my friend over at Hickery Holler!! She makes this look so easy!

I know it's just a farce!!!

Maybe not. She can do anything!!
After that a good old nap is on my agenda!


Linda said...

It'll be warm and sunny soon and we all will be complaining it is too HOT! At least I know I will be! lol

the canned quilter said...

Wait till July and I will remind us all of this winter and standing in snow to our knees. Did I tell ya I want goats : ) Know who I am going to call for info on them ?LOL
Our friend Brenda too! I think she is the goat whisperer extraordinaire!

Brenda said...

Oh - you guys make me laugh!

Becky - I love the new photo in your header! Are you trying to say that you stand out in a crowd?? Maybe that you are a very unique individual?? Well I think you are a very interesting unique individual!

Your story about the goats getting out this morning is very funny - I'm sure it was NOT funny at the time though!

I had a similar situation when I was out milking this morning. I have my lovely milking goat ladies in groups of 16 - since I have 16 milking stanchens in the parlor - well anyway ... each group has access from their goat yards into their housing in the barn ... then into the the milking parlor down a hall way that leads to the parlor. This makes it really nice because it's all under cover and I don't have to go outside to bring in any of the goats. I just open their gate and they run into the milk parlor.

Well ... this morning ... I hadn't latched the front door to the barn securely enough! Yes, you guessed it! The first group of does found that open barn door when they were going back to their gate after minking. They made a left turn instead of a right turn. I thought OH NO !! I told them to "GO Home"! All but one thought it would be best to listen to me and ran back into their gate. I had to go outside get one of them. She smirked at me, tossed her head, and ran kicking her heals out sideways back to her group! And then turned around wanting kisses from me! They sure keep life interesting!!

Gail said...

I would not want to rub it in or anything but we had sunshine today, low wind and high, high forties. A glorius day!

But to show there is hope and spring is coming, we were dog deep in snow not two weeks ago.

Hang on, spring is one day closer.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Just wait until you have to milk those little buggers every day! Besides chase them all around to get them to go to their milking stand for the umpteenth day in a row! Besides haul the Billy goat in another umpteen times because he has learned how to jump OVER the fence that nobody has jumped OVER since the last Billy goat jumped OVER and bred everybody before some certain farmers wife wanted everybody bred, hence the reason I am milking in -9 weather!! Oh my friend!! It does get funner:))))) But then, I do have 4 gallons of milk in my fridge for all my efforts, too:)))

Love, love, love the new look!! Those guinneas are too cute!! Especially the white one standing in the front:)) Leader of the pack??

Sandra said...

It has been a rough winter but it will, all to soon, be over.
Cute photo of the fowl.

Leslie said...

Love the new picture! Its "Becky and her posse"! I bet you were not to happy with those "yidiot heads" lol!!!

I agree I like snow before Christmas after Christmas I'm ready to pull out the shirts and work in the garden!!!

Amanda said...

Really like your new header!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Oh girls stop it!! You'll make Becky blush!! Of course she is the leader of the pack. The leader of the posse. The one in charge of things here on the farm! But you know what? No one listens to her. They say that she runs her mouth way to much shouting orders at them and telling them what to do and how to do it way too much!! But ya know what folks? This is Becky's blog and here she can be the boss!! At least she trys to be the boss here. If she gets too obnoxious just call her on it OK?

Yes girls it is a funny story when I look back on it but it wasn't funny at the time. Sounds like all you girls know that goats can be "yidiot heads" too!!! All in a day in the life of a farmgirl, right?

And Miss Gail.....THANKS A LOT FOR RUBBING IT IN!!!! I am glad that it's warm where you are so maybe a good sign huh?

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Oh yes
Miss CannedQuilter....Brenda is definately your "Go To Goat Girl" not me! Did I ever tell you how many I have killed on this farm? Maybe we have got it figured out now what was happening to them. No we didn't hang all of them, just one. No it wasn't because he got out either.....hahaha he wasn't a yidiot head!!

Good luck with yours!

Holly said...

I hope spring is right around the corner for you. We haven't had much snow yet just a inch here and there and four or five once in a while but our real snow dumping time is yet to come. Either March or April we get a forty to fifty mile an hour winds with snow that buries us in, road closing nothing moving for several days kind of storm. It is when the snow does us the most good since the ground is thawed and so we shouldn't complain but trying to get to the stock and the worry of getting love ones home off the roads makes it tough. This winter has been a long one for many so I hope those crocus start peeping out their heads and the kids arrive to put a smile on your face.
I think notty pigs are worse than goats for we spent two hours yesterday trying to calmly convince our two guilts to climb into the horse trailer.

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