Monday, February 1, 2010

Old Goats.......

live here.

Well not here as in the photo above, but here in the home that houses this laptop!

I have been vacuuming my house for the past almost 4 hours.......seriously, from ceiling to floors, baseboards underneath, behind, around, between, near and inside of everything that I can reach in each room..........and I am still not finished.

We put that big ole outdoor woodfurnace in 3 years ago like maybe this week in Feb.

We were told that our dust level would be soooooo much better after that was installed and we also put in a heatpump (like we will ever be able to run that again in our lifetime due to the outrageous power bills that we have here in our area) but it is supposed to filter the air, isn't it? That's what we were told anyway. The blower for the heatpump blows the heat in our house and through the filter. Still it is so dusty in here.

I admit it was one week ago that I vacuumed the whole house but it looked to be a couple months ago.

Of course we have been sitting here under another blanket of snow. Snow=mud, mud=dust in the house. It is really sunny and sorta warm today and some of that snow is melting nicely too. I even have a window cracked to let some fresh air in the house......dreaming of spring!!

Then the stupid man on the stupid radio told me that we are going to get ...."A WINTERY MIX TONIGHT AND IT WILL TAPER OFF TOMORROW AFTERNOON"!!!!! WHAT?????

My poor foyer looks as if a bunch of old goats live in the house now. I sure wish it looked like the one in the photo above! I was thinking/ well planning to mop the floors after vacuuming I am just pouting....I can do some serious pouting incase no one has told you that about me, I wrote the book on pouting!! No mopping today!!!!!!!!!!!!


Since I am discussing Old Goats here, I will tell you a story of my first experience that I can ever remember about goats......... I was prompted to do this after reading a post over at
Hickery Hollow yesterday! If you have not been there please go over and read some of her hilarious stories about being a southern girl!!

When I was a wee little tot...all of maybe 3 years old, my brother and I were at home one night with my Grandma Goldie...remember she was my favorite person in the world? Our parents were out somewhere and it was getting late. We heard a knock on the door and I, being the nosy person that I was then and still am for that matter...hehehe......went and grabbed the front door and flung it open..........................................OMG I just about fell over dead!! I was scared to death. All I found when that door flew open was a couple big ugly goats standing there looking thru the screen door at me.....I was face to face with the brutes and I just screamed and jumped in my Grandma arms and then my mom stood up on one side and dad on the other side of these goats laughing hysterically.

They had each ducked down beside the goats where I could not see them and all I could see was 2 goats. I remember wondering how these goats knew how to knock on a door!!!!!!

My parents had decided for some strange reason that we needed a couple goats. Best I can remember we named the mother goat Nanny and her son Billy!!! How original was that?

Daddy tied them to our swingset for a few days but I wouldn't go near them so he moved them and tied them to an old pickup camper top so they would have a shelter underneath. They soon had all the windows busted out of this camper and stood on it daily. I don't remember what happened to those 2 goats but I didn't really care. I was so scared of them!

Who would have ever believed that I would grow up and actually raise goats?