Saturday, February 13, 2010

So as not to bore you to pieces......

I started another blog
devoted to my new hobby of backyard birdwatching!!
You can find it here
So when you are bored to death with what is going on here on the farm
you can go over there and see
what is really going on down on the farm!!
I told you I have OCD (No the Dr didn't tell me that, I just know)
I got it from my father.
When he gets his mind on something new
that is all he eats sleeps and breathes
until he grows tired of it.
The problem here is
I have Danny hooked too!!!!!
and Robin
and I am sure that Leslie will be hooked too,
she just doesn't know it yet!
I mean it usually doesn't take much to make us old people happy....that's what our kids say about our fishpond!!
Hey I think I'll put a couple bird feeders down by the pond.......hum......
good idea......