Monday, February 22, 2010

Wash Day!

Monday is Wash Day? Huh? Really?

Well why is it raining out there? Huh?

Cause you all know that I like to hang my laundry out on the clothesline.

Emma likes me to hang clothes out on the line too.

See her running thru my laundry?

I can not and I mean I CAN NOT get to my clothesline without Patches

(the barn cat) helping me.

She will be gone for days and suddenly return when

she smells Downy!

She is all over wet laundry.

That's part of the beauty of my laundry hamper thingy

that I got at the yardsale last year and made over in toile.

She can't reach my wet laundry!! haha

Guineas like laundry on the line too.

Do you see how I use my vintage enamelware?

As a laundry basket and a laundry soak!

How about that Wringer Washer?

It was my dads aunts and it still runs beautifully.

I just need hot water outside somewhere so I can use it without having to carry enamelware buckets full of hot water ;-)

The enamelware buckets could make that task a little bit easier!

The laundry sinks I bought from a neighbor lady.

They were her mothers and I stayed with her mother when I worked for home health.

I had to give $10 for them!

Best $10 I ever spent!

I have had them for about 12 years now.

They have had many jobs around this farm.

They must be Timex...they have taken a lickin and they keep on tickin!!

The vintage aprons on the line are from ebay!

The clothes pegs are from ebay also.

The clothespin apron I made last year!

It sure does come in handy!
The crocheted pillowcases, basking in the sun drenched back porch, were my Grandma Goldie's that she made!

I also have an umbrella clothesline on my back deck in the summer and in an outbuilding during the winter. I have a folding plastic dryer that I use in my bedroom, or somewhere in my house year round.

Can you see that I love my clothesline?

I love laundry!

I love to iron laundry!

I just don't like rainy Mondays....or snowy Mondays!

I was inspired to do this after reading a post from The Canned Quilter

Go on over and read her post from today

if you have a clothesline,

if you have a daughter,


or if you are a woman!

She had me in stitches!!!
Happy rainy wash day everyone!


Brenda said...

I love the smell of clothes when they've been dried on the clothes line. That's what air fresheners need to smell like!

I agree ... Canned Quilter had me in stitches this morning with her cloths line story too!

Gail said...

Nothing like the smell of fresh air dried laundry. I just like to bury my face in it and smell.

Linda Stubbs said...

Becky, you just make women smile. You are such a sweetie. Loved this post.

Have missed you in my life! You are such a fun lady!

Almost lost my daddy. It was really scary. He is doing better. But still not real good.
Blessings, Linda

jullie said...

is that clothes would sometimes get caught in roller and wrap around the wringer?

OurCrazyFarm said...

Great laundry pics! And that old washer is fantastic! I remember my mom using one just like it when we were wee-little ones! We were scared to death of it less we get a body part caught in those rollers:)) I have a collection of laundry tubs up here, too, they come in handy and look great in the gardens!