Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eye Candy.......

for the water lovers eyes!
Yesterday we attended the SW Va Boat Show in Roanoke.
This is our 3rd year attending this same show.
This year, however, wasn't near as much fun to me
as the previous two were.
The past two years I was in hot pursuit of a new boat!
We purchased an incredibly nice used boat in Feb 2009
so this trip was just for us to look without that
wonderful anticipation of hoping to own one of these babies!

Here is our boat. It is wonderful! We all love it.
The best part is it's paid for!! woowooo
It's not shiny and doesn't have that new boat smell anymore like all these new babies!

But just take a gander at that price tag! That was kinda a mid line pricing too!
So see we were just dreaming yesterday.

They sure are fun to look at too.

There was a Cutco knife booth there with a very pushy salesman.
Not the gentleman shown in the picture, he was just an innocent onlooker too.

Cuuuuuuttttteeeeeee!! With a capital "C"
These things scare the you know what out of me on the water.
It seems you have to have a Crazy degree to be able to own one of these around our parts.
It's a miracle there are no more deaths than it really is on these things each summer.
I have seen them flipped and flopped and people thrown from them but they seem to just bounce around drink a few more beers and forget about it!!

Gorgeous boat here. I bet this is just what my boat looked like in the showroom.

Here is my captain trying one on for fits!

He really liked this part of this boat but he didn't really like this picture.
I'll teach him to be goofy when I ask him to smile!!

hahahahaha.....there is a story here...
We go to the boat show each year with some of our boating friends, Jim and Lori.
Lori is a teeny teeny tiny thing but she is a bulldog when it comes to saving money and searching for bargains and freebies. She has guts and she will negotiate a deal with anyone.
They didn't need to negotiate a deal on a new boat because they have a ship bigger than anything that was at this show. When we are at the lake we look like we are riding in a dingy along side the cruise ship!!
Lori was trying to negotiate a deal with this rep for a free beach ball for her puppy to play with at home. No no no without children with us the answer was no.
We ended up getting free tshirts if we would put them on and wear them around for the rest of the show and if we would both blow up a beach ball for her display she would give us both a beach ball to take home!! She took our picture and said it just may end up in the local newspaper! Of course I needed a picture of us in our Bigbird shirts too. The best part was when Danny and Jim were on down the aisle looking back and wondering what sorta contest we had gotten ourselves into!! The looks on their faces were priceless.

We had to make a pit stop by Super Shoes on the way down because Lori had to make a return. While we were there the boys decided that they needed some new Carhartt (BOGO free sale) and then they wanted a picture of them sporting there new Carhartt at the boat show.!!

These guys are so much fun to be around.
We had Thanksgiving dinner at their home last year.

and here is that is a whole house wouldn't fill up their great room.
She has an Amish handmade table that seats 22 in her diningroom.
I felt like I was dining at the White House!!
[This picture does not show the views from their house but it is perched high up on a mountaintop. She feeds the deer passionately and has many that are in her yard almost all day long. Lucky deer is all I can say. With all the snow on the ground and the cold they are starving out this year. We have a coon and a possum that are in our catfood bowl each day now.
Remember I am married to the great white coonhunter too!!]
These are some of the hardest working people I have ever met.
They work hard so they can have nice toys like their big boat and his Corvette!!
It was a well needed get a way for all four of us.
Reminded us that boating season is only a few months away.
I sure hope the snow melts off the boat ramp first.
Our day ended with a great Mexican dinner last night.
What fun!!


Brenda said...

What a wonderful day! Dreaming about being out boating on the lakes ..... Mumm ... I can't wait for summer! I don't have a boat, but I have friends that do!!

Sage said...

Hey girly..checkin' in to see how things are goin with you and I find you out and about boat hunting!!! Hubby takes his out when he can (but the fish see him comin' and run)..just think, summer is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!

Nezzy said...

Look like ya'll have the perfect fun day at the boat show. I've lost count of the fishin' boats Hubby owns here on the Ozark Ponderosa. What's up with that? This farm chick thinks a man only needs one boat.

I enjoyed your post and that cute pic of you two gals and your free beach balls. What a girl won't do for somethin' free!

God bless ya'll from the hills and hollers of southern Missouri!!!

Nezzy said...

Hey sweetie, I just wanted to thank ya for your visit and hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya'll enjoy the ride.

Have a blessed day and in the words of old Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now ya hear.

OurCrazyFarm said...

What a hoot! That picture is too cute of you 2 blowing up the balloons! Hope it makes it to the front page! Yellow is your color:))) Glad you had such a fun, fun day!