Thursday, February 11, 2010

"I need a new drug".....

one that won't make me act like this!
(remember Huey Lewis's song?)
I have a disease...
there I have said it...
I confess..
I am a sick person...

I am completely obsessed with birdwatching!!
Is there a pill for that?
Can't they treat...OCD? (hahaha not the good type of OCD)
Flight of ideas?
ADD?....not ADHD (nothing hyper about me)
how about "procrastination"? Is that a disease? darned cute is he?
I can't help myself!
I am sure that Danny had no idea what sort of
monster he has made out of me!

When he made this very frugal bird feeder!
Yep that's when it all got started.
I have to have someone to blame it on
'everything' is his fault!!!
He is such an enabler.
Websters def. ~ enabler ~ to make able or feasible
{wings that enable one to fly}
Isn't that a great feeder?
PVC pipe can be used for so many things....kinda like duct tape!!
He put them a little tin roof on it to keep the feed dry and keep squirrels and cats away!
He's so smart!
Of course it's hung in the dogwood tree (Bluebirds favorite trees!!)
by a bright shiny yellow rope....urgh...but it keeps it at a distance from the cats!

Looks like a stuffed bird!! hahaha

Now this one is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!

The dogwood tree had bluebirds for the first time today.
How many do you count?
It's like 12 I think!
Don't miss the one on the very tip top of the tree!
While I was taking this picture about 25 more bluebirds flew over!!!!!
Do you think they will come back?
Oh don't worry I will be sure and post pictures of them
cause I told you I am obsessed!
Unless Danny finds that drug today and slips it in my sweet tea tonight
wink wink wink
I love this dogwood tree too!
I have had a Wisteria vine for 8 years now. They say that it takes 7 years for them to bloom.
I had to move it from it's original home by the front porch pergola several years ago when we covered the porch, so I was afraid that it would take 7 more years to get a bloom.
We replanted it beside this dogwood tree and it bloomed last year!!!!! It is now all the way at the top of the tree!
It was beautiful and had blooms that were about 15" long.
Do you believe that I never got a picture of it in bloom? At least I don't remember it if I did.
I guess I was on some sort of drug at that time too!!!
Now on to reality...yes, there are some "Real" things that happen around here!!
I am on a mission to be a better employee.
My job as a stay at home mom/ housewife is being threatened.
My employer hasn't said anything but I can really read his non verbal body know the eye rolling, shoulder raises, huffs etc etc etc...... LOL!!!
I am so afraid too, that he will catch me embezzling money to support my habits.
So I am on a mission to try and earn some money to support my own I need to mention those habits? No they don't include drugs but if they did I may not have this blog or any of those other bad habits..LOLOLOL!!!!
I may never make any money but at least I will feel better about embezzling money from my employer if I have actually done my part!!
I do not sit on the sofa watching TV all day eating bon bons......couldn't look at me and believe it but I really don't. I almost NEVER turn on the TV unless I am in my sewing studio.
I have started this week .......
locking myself in my office
doing you know how hard it is on my dear husband this time of the year?
Just ask him or the girls!!
Or I am locked in my sewing studio working on quilts....
Or I am cleaning my house in a mad fury while supper is on the stove.......however that multitasking didn't work out too well yesterday when I had supper on the stove and decided to call our accountant with a very much dreaded question that has been haunting me. I was afraid of his answer....afraid for my bank account......but he had good news!!! wooowoooo!!!
But while he was giving me the lowdown
I burnt supper!!!!
I had a pot of macaroni burnt to almost the point of smoking!!
If the smoke alarm would have went off I guess I would have passed out!!!!
This lock down for me includes....
having everything I need with me to be able to concentrate on the task at hand.
It also includes NOT having anything close by that keeps me from concentrating on the task at telephone........I hate to talk on the telephone anyway. Who would of thunk it?
I used to love to talk on the phone for hours and hours every day.
I still have friends and family who love to talk for hours and hours every day.
Those said people all have email and facebook and I check both of those several times each day.
I don't mind emailing at all...facebook is good to send quick messages too.
If any of these peeps need to get in touch with me they can find me. It better be important though, at least until taxes are finished and I sell my first quilt!!!!!!! hahaha!!!
Now if I didn't have the distraction of a big window in my office with a great bird feeder right outside.......!!!!
I was up at 5AM this morning totally rearranging my office so that I could just glance up at the window and see my birds while still working on the books. Of course there were a few Kodak moments in there that kinda sidetracked me temporarily.
So friends and family......if you want me to be able to remain a stay at home mom please bear with me in this time of my absence! I promise I will be back maybe for a month in the late spring when we are experiencing April showers and it is too wet for me to be outside in the garden


Fonville Farm said...

So that's why you haven't answered your phone?!?!? I don't like it when you avoid me! Every time I call its important or I wouldn't have called:)

OurCrazyFarm said...

Have you tried my chocolate chip cookie recipe yet??? That ought to make poor Danny happy for a few days and make you look like the good, indespensable wife again:))

I don't like to be on the phone very much either. We try to not even answer it during home schooling hours, unless it's Dad, as it really is such a distraction.

Leslie said...

I thought it had been kind of quit the past couple of days. I'm like Robin I only call when it is very important!!!! Never just to talk! Have fun working on taxes..ugh!

Brenda said...

I love the bird feeder! What a great design. I hope you get a photo of the wisteria this summer when it's in bloom. I had to leave mine behind when we moved several years ago. It had only been blooming a few years too! I miss it's graceful elegance and wonderful aroma!

the canned quilter said...

Mmmmm love Wisteria! When you find that drug I need some too.