Sunday, February 21, 2010

ETA June 2021

That's how long it will take to finish this sampler!
Look how big it is!
Look how little I have already finished on it!
Look how long I have already had it......maybe 6 years!

I purchased this kit at a neat little needlework shoppe in pigeon Forge, TN when Robin, Morgan and I went there on a girls only weekend. The little shoppe was so dagum cute that I couldn't
resist buying this even though I knew how slow I was at cross stitching...........

ahhaaahhhhhaahhaaaahahhaa and I think it will be finished in 2021?

But look how pretty it is!
Did I tell you how much I paid for this?
I won't tell you either. Let's just say it should have it's own insurance policy, finished or not.
I dug this up this morning. I knew where it was, it was being protected.
This is the nicest needlework fabric and thread that I have ever worked with.
I am going to finish it, I am!

I mean even with's a sampler so I shouldn't get bored with it, right?
I will have it finished by the time we crown a new American Idol winner this season.

and if you believe that one.................I will have this beautiful pattern finished and framed by Christmas this year.
There is nothing that I don't like about this pattern..
I like blueberries, farm houses, the Amish,
quilts........oh yeah that's right I am a quilter. So scratch all this hogwash that I just fed you cause I have quilting to do.
I can't be wasting time cross stitching and watching American Idol.....forget that I even mentioned it.............


the canned quilter said...

You can do it Rebecca! I have faith in ya : )

Amanda said...

Those are really pretty. Cross stitching always gives me a headache though. I rarely do it.

Nancy M. said...

I like them both! My hands would be hurting doing that much cross stitching!