Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I must be doing something right!!

I have got the Eastern Bluebirds coming in flocks now!!!
I have become obsessed with this new habit. I mean my heart hasn't danced a jig like this since my new quilting machine a couple weeks ago ;-)
The new has almost wore off of it already.......just kidding and don't tell my husband that one......I have just not had any time to sew like I have wanted to.
I have been running errands, shoveling snow, cooking
eating, getting fattened up myself, dreaming of summer
planning to get my plants started indoors
and bird watching!!!
Do you think I could get a contract for photography with John Deere?
I would like to see pictures of a John Deere Gator attracting Eastern Bluebirds maybe in a Country Woman magazine!!....hum???? There's a thought!!
Please click to enlarge these pictures so you can really join in the excitement with me!!
I counted at least 14 outside my window!!!

The gator was shoveled out and moved by my dear farmboy and then he pulled it right back where it was.

I have had an adventure that's for sure to try to get these babies back.....

Danny made me a feeder and hung it on Sunday...of course there has been no one dining there as of yet! I mean it's an alien looking thing to them.

Yesterday I braved the elements and went out there and threw down birdseed on the ground so maybe they would find the feeder sooner.
Remember now I am trying to keep my cats from getting to the birds too.
As I was approaching the feeder with my head down to watch my step in the ice and snow, I heard a fluttering over my head and I looked up and there went 2 bluebirds flying away from the feeder.
I scared them away myself!!

I did see 4 bluebirds in the crabapple tree yesterday morning
so I made a couple suet filled grapefruit halves and hung them up for their breakfast while I was out scareing the ones away from the feeder.

the dearest farmboy left our big extension ladder propped up on the side of the house and we are experiencing
about 75 mph wind gusts here this morning and the ladder was rocking back and forth so I was afraid it
would fall over and bust a window....a little too chilly for me to have a busted window this morning.............

so I garbed up to brave the elements again and move this ladder.............remember no sightings of a bluebird this morning............
just as I got to the ladder I spotted 2 on the ground eating the seed that I threw out yesterday...............
I am worse than my stupid cats to scare my own bluebirds off!!!!

I came back inside and finished straightening up the house and getting ready to go upstairs and lock myself in my studio for the day


I peeped out my window and my little crabapple tree was just coated with blue feathers!!!
Yep my heart sang!!!!!

FYI~ No crows or barn cats have been killed in the making of this backyard habitat for bluebirds!


Leslie said...

They are really pretty. I'm glad they come back but we'll see how happy you are when those beautiful blue birds start pooping all over the beautiful blue jag! Just kidding!!!

Brenda said...

The blue birds are beautiful! I hope they spend the whole summer with you! I'm glad they make your heart sing. We have some red birds and yellow finches at the feeders that Mom put on the covered front porch outside her window . The barn cats never wonder to the front side of the house ... so I think the birds are safe there! Enjoy the day!

the canned quilter said...

Gosh but we are so easily pleased : ) Hugs from the Holler!

Amy said...

Love the blue birds.. I get some at my feeder, but haven't seen any in a few weeks. Sure hope they come back. Right now I have lovely male and female cardinals, and finches.. just love those little guys. There's just something about a guy on a JD.. reminds me of the Kenny Chesney song.. She thinks my tractors sexy... oh yeah! ;O)

OurCrazyFarm said...

You certainly have the bluebird touch! Beautiful pics! John Deere will be hunting you down:))

Fonville Farm said...

Beautiful! But don't you mean that you've been watching snow being shoveled? I've never known you to have a snow shovel in your hand. ;)

Sandra said...

I adore feeding the birds, they are so cheerful and seem to appreciate the free food so much! I've put out suet cakes this year and they are loving those, perhaps more than the bird seed.

Linda Stubbs said...

I would trade you a red headed woodpecker for some of your bluebirds. I love bluebird,s but they do not come to our farm, that I know of. Our son lives about 40 minutes away and they have them.

Hope you are doing well. It seems like you are very busy. I bet you can't wait till spring like me.

Blessings, Linda

CE Webster said...

The bluebirds are beautiful. And, I like the JD, too! I won't see our bluebirds till spring.