Sunday, February 14, 2010

I get "Wife Of The Year Award"!!!!

Now I know that you ladies thought you were getting that award but
I am here to tell you that it will be mine as soon
as my husband wakes up and looks at his Valentines present!!!
He is a man of few wishes. He never wants anything.
He is always content with whatever he has.
Always has been like that.
If he has 2 pair of blue jeans and 2 flannel shirts
he has a full wardrobe.
He will occasionally talk of needing new work boots
but he will always wear the soles off the ones he
has before even thinking about actually going to the boot store and trying on a new pair!
Try buying him something for Christmas!!
Now that's a treat ;-)
What do you buy the man who wants nothing?????
Well one year my sister-in-law drew his name for Christmas.
She called and asked me to help her think of a gift for him.
Gee Thanks, I said.
I finally decided that he would love the movie
"Soggy Bottom USA"
We had been to the old movie theatre in Rocky Mt
when it was first out (in about 1980 ish) and he
absolutely fell in love with the movie.
It was about what else but a "coon hunt".
She found it online I think in Canada and
bless his little heart he was as happy as if he got a new BB gun as a child!!!!
I may have just thought of a gift for him for VD that comes a little bit close to that movie.....
A photo album for his coon dogs pictures and pics of his coon hides and fishing pictures and the that he can carry around with him and brag on his pups and his catch for the season etc etc etc.....
When I told Leslie what I was getting him she said I would make him the happiest man alive!!!
I'll let you know shortly if it was a hit and if I did get
"Wife Of The Year Award"
I should because I have a picture of
"Tiger" on the front
and she was his favorite coon dog ever!!
We had to have her put to sleep almost 2 years ago and that was a sad time around this house.
Happy Valentines day to all!!
Update ~ I want to Thank my Husband, My Family, My agent, My Wild Imagination,
God, and any one else who had any part in me winning this award!
I Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!


Lorilee said...

I definitely think you deserve the award with that perfect gift!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Could I Please, Please, Please have your autograph, Oh Miss Wife of the Year????? What a thoughtful gift!! You really are The Woman!!!

Nancy M. said...

That sounds like a wonderful gift! Congrats on winning the award! Lol!