Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Putting up with Becky

You thought I was going to talk about someone having to
haaaahhhaaahahahahaah that's funny!!
I mean putting up food to feed my family
all 2 of us!
I spent almost the whole day today in the kitchen.
I made French Bread
Italian Bread.
Do you know the difference? I do!
I started a bowl of sourdough starter.
Yes it's in a bowl this time.
A huge 4 quart mixing bowl, with a towel under the bowl just in case it does like all my other starters have done in the past.........heat up and boil over the sides like a science project gone mad!! I am armed and ready this time around!!
I do not want to be cleaning that wood stove tomorrow morning!

Smooth as a babies butt when I first covered it.

In a couple hours she was a cooking!!

Remember my Valentines Day present from my sweetie?
Well I asked for them anyway.....a bushel of sweet potatoes!

I decided to go ahead and precook about 1/2 of the bushel.
I baked them slowly in the oven and then peeled them and put them in the freezer.
They are ready for me at anytime to thaw and make a quick sweet potato dish.


I also was in the canning mood!
This old yellow pressure canner has been with me since my first Christmas as a married woman.
34 years and she is in better shape than I am.
She has been thru the wringer and back again.
She has been run over by a tractor trailer.....oh yes this is true....Danny used her to wash his big rig one time and forgot about her sitting there behind when he moved and ran right over her!!
She must be a Timex!
Oh yeah, I got ran over by a tractor trailer one time too.
I have a few blemishes from that one tho!!!

I am married to the great beans and potato eater.
He has never met a bean he didn't like.
I am one step ahead of him now......with all this beautiful spring weather that is right in front of me.....and a garden in dire need of repair...that means a lot of long hours outside and no time to cook a pot of beans......wallah...canned pintos ready to pop open right before he gets home and he'll think I slaved in the kitchen all day!!

October beans for the same reason.....a quickie in the kitchen!
7 quarts of Pintos
7 quarts of Octobers
Then I made homemade tortillas and beef and bean burritos for dinner.
Topped the evening off with a funny crazy movie and 2 hours of American Idol.
I am now officially pooped.
My dearest bed buddy seems to never sleep well anymore and when
he doesn't sleep neither do I.
For some reason he slept good last night.
I had to touch him this morning to make sure he was still with me cause he was so quiet.
It sure made me feel good today and I feel even better knowing how much I accomplished today.
Amazing what a good nights sleep will do for you!!

It makes you not be able to decide whether you should cook French, Italian, Mexican or American cuisine ........or just make them all in the same day!!!


Brenda said...

Wow, Becky - You had a very productive day. I never thought about canning up beans. We usually make a big pot full when we want them. Canning them to make it faster and easier would be a great idea.

Is making home made tortias hard? That's something I've thought about, but never tried.

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Brenda ~ There is nothing like a good old big pot of beans but canning them yourself sure saves some time in the kitchen. Of course the canning time has to be considered in. When you are snowed in like I have been for EVER it is a good time to take a couple hours and make 7 meals that can be ready in a flash!! I don't like canned pintos out of the store but I like these. I could see them saving you a lot of time in the kitchen too!

As far as tortillas.....I have made my own from a recipe on Chickens in the Road Blog. Suzanne has it all mapped out on her blog. It is not hard but I sure do get a lot of flour all over me and the kitchen!!! I have not used store bought since I found her recipe. We like them a lot better than store bought. They are not hard but they have gotten easier each time I have made them.....maybe 5 or 6 times now!! Yummy!!

If you can't find her let me know.
Thanks for stopping by!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Oh My! What an inspiration you are this morning my friend! And what a Happy Danny you must have! Love the yellow pressure cooker:)))

the canned quilter said...

I am so jealous of your yellow pressure cooker! I have a plain old silver metal one. I can smell those sweet potatoes too....mmmmmmm. Did I mention I love baked sweet potatoes. O Wise One and Danny can have their beans I'll take the sweet potatoes any day. I have a great sweet potato pie recipe that belonged to my mama if you need it : )

Leslie said...

Yummy now I know when to come when these kids have eaten me out of house and home. I'm sure Mr. Danny was beside himself seeing all those beans!

Kim said...

I'm having major wood stove envy over here where it was 65 degrees today!! Sorry Becky, I just had to rub it in "a whittle bit!"
I love Suzanne's blog as well, I've gotten loads of great recipes from her. Have you tried her Grandmother Bread...super easy and yummy.
Take care and I'm sending my snow melting sunshine your way!

Mandie said...

Gosh you sure have been busy! Everythings looks so great and yummy. I love your blog!