Tuesday, March 2, 2010

around the farm house

My dear friend Terri sent me this gorgeous designer artisan goats milk soap a while back with thoughts of cheering me up from the doldrums of winter weather! It worked!! Terri, I just had to display this little heart bar in my little enamelware soap dish in my bathroom. It was the only soap dish I had that was worthy of such a nice bar of soap! Do you have an enamelware soap dish like this? Terri has all these great enamelware coffee pots and tea kettles and such in her sunroom. (she likes to show them off and rub it in too)She does not have an enamelware milk pail like I have though!! We are in a little competition it seems here ;-))))

Seriously Terri, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! All four bars of soap are just fabulous!! I feel so special when I wash with it. I can't wait to be able to wash the garden dirt from my hands with this lovely soap!! Kuddos to a job well done! I am sure if you guys would like to purchase some of Terri's artisan soap she will be happy to take care of your orders! Right Terri?

This little egg tray is from Joanne Fabrics! Can you believe they have almost the exact same tray that they have at Anthropologie for a fraction of the cost! I have already asked for this and this for Mother's Day from my children. Is it wrong to ask for a Mother's day gift? Nah I didn't think so either!! So Thanks ahead of time girls and grandpunks!! hint hint!! I will only need the one item now unless you can find it in your hearts to reward me for being such a great mother to you guys. I mean hey, I was only 14 when you were born (first child) so I think I did pretty good with you. Oh that's right it was all those great "morals and standards" that I passed on to you that I learned from my parents! I am sorry but I keep forgetting about that. (inside joke around here) hehehe

Those 9 eggs were gifts from my other girls yesterday! My girls who hang out in Le Poulet Hous. They have not been the best producers for some reason since their moult in the fall. I had to whisper in their ear some sweet nothings a while back and that got the eggs a rolling!
Rolling they did too. Yesterday when I went to gather the eggs.......they were all laid in the top of the three nests and of course they are the roll away nest boxes so all 9 were at the back of box in the egg shoot. Well 8 were there and one was up on the wall hanging on 2 nails. I did not take my new camera on the trek thru the snow, slush and ice for risk of breaking it....or guarding it if I fell and hurt myself worse in the process.........but it was really a Nikon moment!!! Good thing those 2 nails were there or I would have had scrambled eggs on the floor.

Other than snowing outside...IMAGINE THAT!!!! That is about it for life around sunny morning farm today. I better go check the egg shoots now before they roll out cause they may not be able to hit the target today! Maybe they need another whisper in their ears about how to share those 3 nest boxes!
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Brenda said...

Becky, you've got some funny chickens! I love the egg container in your photo. That's just pretty cool! Oh ... and the soap too. Very pretty. I'll bet is smells good too.

Be careful in the snow!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Well just rub it in a little bit will you:)) Now I have to be jealous of not only your milk pail and your camera, but that little soap dish too! I didn't even know they made enamal soap dishes! I just may have to redecorate my bathroom to accomodate one:))) Poor Rob! So glad you like the soap. I'll have to give you 10% commission Ms Saleslady! We love the soap too! My hands have never been softer!

So sorry about more snow! We are enjoying sunshine yet again. You really should consider moving somewhere up North, there are lots of nice goat farmers like me and Brenda up here you know~ bring the kids and grandkids and Danny too, the weather's beautiful!

Yay for eggs! Could your girls talk to my girls, PLEASE????!!