Friday, March 5, 2010

enough white already....

outside and in. I still love an all white interior decor but
I am so sick of an all white outside decor!!
I can't seem to be able to change the outside
but I can change the inside up a little.
I just needed a little more color in my life!!
I loved the foyer white back in the summer and fall.
This picture was taken back in the fall when I had my
sewing room in there ;-)))
(Terri, here's that drop leaf table and one of it's many uses.)

I had to dig out some Easter goodies today.
This quilt bunny was made by Danny's cousin.
She purchased some of Danny's Mother's old quilts from the estate sale
and then made up little stuffed animals out of them.
She gave them back to the children and grandchildren at baby and wedding showers
until most all of them had one.
Cause she was very smart that way ;-))
She also painted the carrots all over that egg!

They sure make me smile!
Over the years I have lost the little sign that the rabbit was holding
that said "Think Spring"
Well it makes me think about Spring!

My poor ole innocent husband came home from work early today.
He made the mistake of telling me that he was coming in around noon.
I had a lot of little odd jobs literally waiting by the door for him!!
I have had this yardsale door up for several years now and I have had the kickplate sitting by the door for as long. I made him get to that today before he even set his lunchbox down!!


I know this is a (dirty4 letter word here...."SNOW" figurine) but it has a Springy attitude with the Cardinal at the birdbath. I think the Garden Cloche
makes it look springy too.

A little greenery.

Garden Central!
I told you this table has many jobs throughout the year.
Right now it holds the heat mat and some very struggling seedlings.
They are trying.
I had these valances in the kitchen but in my quest to gain some color I thought they may do here for now.
The shutters were just sitting in my closet for a couple years now trying to figure out where they wanted to live.

See all that white outside? Yuck!!!

Night time shot and you can still see the snow.

The black lamp is supposed to be at The Fairy's Rest but I thought it may play in here for the time being. I think I like the look with the black valances.

This dresser houses all our DVD's
my silver flatware, tablecloths and napkins.
I sanded it a tad to try and shabby it up a little today.
I think it needs a little more.

A few crooked pictures. I have a lot more to hang back up in there.
When we first moved I had all the walls in the foyer lined with pictures
in all sorts of frames. I took them down to paint one time and didn't hang them back up,
but I think I want to now.
It is just a hodgepodge of colors right now,
but it's a start.
When I can move the plants out of there it will look better.
Needs a lot of tweaking but
it is making me smile already and that's
all that matters!!
Here's wishing you some color in your life!


Brenda said...

Becky - I think you're feeling spring timey! Maybe the snow will get the hint and let some color shine through out there too!

I really like the quilt bunny. The history behind her is very special.

Your seedlings look good. I've really got to take the time to get some seeds planted in those little pots. I love to grow my own seedling tomatoes and peppers for the garden. I use the jalapeno and cayenne peppers in making a pepper cheese from the goat's milk that is really delicious!

the canned quilter said...

Love the chicken valance and the bunny in a quilt bag is just precious. That is a wonderful idea.

Fallon said...

No not too much white! I tried to convince to John to check out white cabinets for when we redo our kitchen but he said no... for now! muahahahahahahah I can be rather persuasive!