Tuesday, March 2, 2010

he just wants a hug ~ Part 1.......

I was just sitting on the sofa minding my business tonight watching American Idol.
Around 9:30 PM I heard a funny but familiar noise outside. Funny because it was 9:30 PM and familiar because it was a sound that I hear from daylight til about an hour before dark each day.
It was Mr Big the banty rooster. He came running up on the front porch and up in the window behind the sofa. He was chattering like there was no tomorrow. He was trembling.
He acted like he had seen a bear.
I act like that when I see a bear.
It was so sad to watch him.
I went to the front door and he was trying to get inside.
I didn't think Danny would see the humor in waking up to a new alarm clock perched on the head of the bed in the morning so I didn't let him in.
He finally ended up going around to the side porch
and is roosting out there.
So sad to see him trying to tell me something with all the chattering and twisting his head while he was talking to me.
I cried for him.
With that said.......
Danny was already in the bed and I am a big huge wus...
I was not about to go to the henhouse to see what was going on down there that got him in such a tizzy.
We have had a possum around here eating cat food almost every night......Danny has had plenty of chances to get rid of him but hasn't done that yet.
Tonight I spotted him going under the chicken coop. I am sure that is where he is staying at night. The coop is pretty secure and I don't think any critters could get in with the hens.
The guineas and the banty pair run loose and they roost in the other side of the building. The door is always left open and they go and come as they please.
The banties roost up in the rafters.
I have this very erie felling that something got the Carrie his mate tonight.
I sure hope I am wrong.
I did get up enough nerve to stick my head out the back door and listen for a commotion
and heard nothing but quiet and calmness.
The guineas should have been tore up if there was a critter in the barn
but the possum has beeen around so long that they probably think we have adopted him.
Wish me luck.
I am praying that Carrie is still safe
and she and Mr Big just had a lovers quarrel and he ran home to mama's house!
I am sure hoping for some babies from this pair this spring!
Speaking of Spring....
we got about 5 inches of snow today....they were calling for less than 1" hahaha
so my painting class is cancelled for tomorrow.
But the weather man just told me that we have 2 more cold days and then it is to be in the upper 50's this weekend and in the 60's next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That sure does my heart good!
Goodnight to all!


Brenda said...

Oh, Becky! I hope all of your chickens are safe too!

The warmer weather sounds wonderful. I think we're supposed to have a warm weekend too. There's some things I need to do out in the Cheese Processing room that have been waiting on warmer weather. Maybe I can get them finished this weekend.

I'm anxious to hear if your Carrie is found in the morning!

Kountry Girl At Heart said...

Becky, I really hope that you find Carrie safe and sound in the morning.

Kim said...

We need an update! Hoping that all is well with Carrie. I would've cried for him as well!! Even though I've only had my girls for a short time...they already have my heart!