Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am about to get desperate here.....

I am about to get tired of this being sick ordeal.
I have been relying on store bought meds until today.
I am still eating the acetaminophen and guiafenisen sp?
with very little relief.
I have been wanting cold fluids on my sore throat.
Enough Already!!!!
So today I have resorted to the web for homemade
cold and flu remedies. Watch out! I watched The Good Witch and The Good Witches garden on Hallmark last night!! Too cute!
Yes I am a nurse but this sorta stuff always is supposed to happen to others
not me!!
I have started a witches cauldron of Vicks Vapo Rub
in my big yellow pressure cooker pot simmering on the stove.
I stood over it for a while, now I go by and take a deep breathe occasionally.
I have steeped Herbs de Provence in boiling water............yucky!!
It has lavender, garlic, lemon peel, and sea salt that I know of. I added rosemary to this brew.
We were fighting over sniffing on this stuff for a while!!!!
Good stuff!!
I became very aware of the bases of my lungs!!!!!!!! woowoooo!!!!
That's a really good feeling!
I also felt the outer layer of my brain at one time because I took such a good sniff!
Talk about a head rush.
I have sipped on hot tea all day too.
I have got to whip this stuff before it whips me.
I have a quilt to finish.
Not too much done in that dept yet today, I have done some more cutting and I have several blocks quilted.
I need to get me an assembly line of sorts started in order to whip these blocks out.
I hate to say it but this flu has stepped in and hindered my plans for that happening yet.
I am armed and ready though.
I will be gargling with the concoction that I have brewed up.
We may never have to worry about being kissed again due to bad breath but it will all be worth it to get rid of the cooties around here.
I also can't wait for a warm dry day to be able to open the windows and fumigate the home.
I always have to do that after we have been sick.
Out with the old stagnant air and in with the fresh new air!
What sort of advise do you guys have for us?
Please don't tell me to use this Onion Syrup!!
Please stay well!!


Brenda said...

Becky - I have faith that you'll come through this just fine. It sounds like you have a pretty good mixture brewing!

Best wishes ... and get well quickly!

Sandra said...

Sambucol. It's a natural immune booster made of elderberry juice and great for staying well and, in your case, getting well. It can be found at health food stores or, less expensively, ordered via Amazon.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Well, usually I just whine a little, make some more tea and find another good book:)) And if that doesn't help a nice long horse ride and a picnic in the sunshine made me forget all about feeling lousy for at least a couple of hours today:)) I could send you some world famous cheese with that whine if it helps:))hehehehe
Okay~ really, I have a friend that was just telling me that she makes a mixture of equal amounts of raw honey and apple cider vinegar with a dash of cinnamon for sore throats and an immune booster. I do so hope you feel better my dear friend in the south. I am thinking about you with every cough I cough:)))

Gail said...

My grandmother was a midwife. She said onions and a mustart plaster for very deep congestion. Since I don't have the recipe for a mustard plaster, you are left with onions.

I find just placing some vicks on a rag and smelling it helps me a lot.

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Thanks ladies!!

I will try all of it ...........well not the horseback ride cause I don't have a horse any longer but the rest of it is doable!! I am ready to try anything now. Hhmmmmm??? The neighbor has a horse...........

Amanda said...

I'm sorry your still sick. Get better soon!