Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Can you believe this?

1. That Danny and I have both been very sick? I started last week with the cold/sinusy/junky

stuff and it carried on for the most part bearable until yesterday. I was driving Danny to the Dr with the same stuff that hit him hard on Saturday and he was wanting to go to the Dr yesterday so honey you better know he was sick!!

I was driving him there when the nausea hit me.

I was only going 70 down I-81!!

We debated calling Leslie to come to the Dr's office and pick us both up and drive us home.

2. That this Dr that we have been seeing for about 5 years as patients and I have worked along with for longer than that, was SO INCREDIBLY RUDE TO US? Well let me rephrase that she was down right mean. I have never even heard a Dr talk that bad to any patients in all my years of nursing!!! Well she is history in my book! Mama says if you have nothing good to say about anyone don't say anything so....That's all I have to say about that!

3. That .......insert drum roll here......no make that the soothing peaceful sound of a harp, my head still hurts pretty bad...............


when I have no more upset stomach that is!!!

Whew what a burden lifted off of my shoulders!!!!! AMEN!!!

4. That Robin and I made this perfect trade this weekend? She needed a pressure canner and I needed an easel for my painting....so you got it. We each had what the other one needed! We are both very happy with our little trade! She got a new pressure canner that I just happened to have bought on ebay last year to have as a spare and she had purchased a great portable but heavy duty easel also from ebay and found she didn't really want to paint....she would rather can beans!! She is part of the new Radical Homemakers Movement too!! Go girl!!

5. That.....it is almost 60 degrees out there today?

6. That my snow is finally melting? Whew!!!

7. That we saw the Robins flying over yesterday? Just about made me cry!!!

I can't hardly believe any of these things, can you?
The proof is in the pudding tho, so I am a believer now!!

I have a lot of catching up to do, I am behind in reporting the happenings from the farm to all of you who follow me so faithfully ;-))))

I still have to tell you about the great fur exchange from the great white hunters!!

That exchange took place on Saturday! I have stories and pictures of that!

I need to tell you all about my homemade noodles that were an exceptionally big hit around this farm and many more exciting things........ such as I have learned that

I must be kin to Annie Oakley and I have been doing some awesome target practicing.

Danny can't hold a candle to me anymore!!!!

So bear with me and let me heal from this flu that we have here and then I'll be back!

(of course the friendly Dr wouldn't even check him for the flu and could really care less what he had, labeled it as a virus and gave him some cough syrup that doesn't work as good as his Halls cough drops)



Lorilee said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you both have been sick! I hope you are well soon.

the canned quilter said...

OMG sister I have missed you so much. I was starting to get worried. I got picked for jury duty so will be out for a couple days. Then we have some catching up to do. I wanna hear about them noodles : ) Feel better soon !!

Linda Stubbs said...

That is so sad that you both are sick!!!!!! That is so not fun.

Just wanted you to know that I don't remember seeing a e-card. Now my days have been so crazy so maybe I did and can't remember......

Love you bunches and praying you will get over your stuff soon!

Galloping Goats Farm said...

It sure feels good to have those taxes done doesn't it? And trading...I love trading!

Brenda said...

Congratulations on getting the taxes done!

I've got some catching up to do around here too! It's been very busy!

GET WELL !!! really soon!