Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has sprung!!!!

This is how we celebrated the first day of Spring down on the farm.
We had to throw a fishing party!
Here's Danny with his 14" Large Mouth Bass!

Poor thing is still too. Yuck, when will this stuff ever end?
I went to the grocery store today and I thought I was going to have to sit down half way thru the store. He said he is just incredibly drained too. Of course he cut wood this morning and hauled a huge dump truck load in before he went fishing with us.
Now if you have ever talked to any of my family they would surely have already told you some of the funny funny stories about the happenings around our fish pond. If it involves a critter that can habitat around or in water we have a story to tell about it.......well no alligators YET!!
Shown above is Morgan's minnow trap that she kept set last year beside the dock and she would go down every day to see if she had anything in it. Of course we would always tell her that she would pull it up with a snake in it one day............oh yeah they like our pond too! Funniest story ever involved a snake and a poll vaulter!!!!! hahahaha
So today Colton ran over as soon as he got to the pond and grabbed the trap up out of the water and said "it's something in there."
Leslie walked up behind him and said "Let me see is it a snake?" "Oh yes it is a snake!!!!!" well not so calmly I might add here......
Of course this was going to be a Nikon moment and I sure as heck wasn't going to be caught on the dock this time!!...........Remember the poll vaulting story...yep that was me caught on the other end of the dock from the snake and I was just about to go swimming!!!

Oh yuck yuck double yucky yuck!!!!!!
The trap was full of lizards!!! I mean full of lizards!!!!
Of course we were all kinda excited because that meant some big bass would be on our hooks shortly...since we had our hook baiter with us today!! I can do worms but no lizards!!
Wrong!!! The pond is full
of lizards and the fish didn't want them today.
Danny caught his bass on a rubber worm.
The only fish caught today.
While I have been so sick for sooooooooooo long I have watched a lot of Food Network. I have really fell in love with the Neely's.
This morning they were making Chinese and boy it "Flung a craving on me"......ever heard that saying? It's Jerry Clower at his best!!
So I had to go to the grocery store and get the fixings for some down home southern style chinese food!!! Oh boy I am glad I did too!!

Well not exactly a Chinese dish here, but we had Tiramisu for dessert!
That was really good and soothing on my sore scratchy throat. Shoulda made that weeks ago!

The best part of the meal.........Pulled Pork BBQ and Cole Slaw Egg Rolls.....well smack your mama!! Dipped in a homemade Spicy Peach Dipping Sauce....could you imagine?? Well I thought I could imagine how good they would be but I was oh so wrong.............they were so much better than I could have ever dreamed they could be!!!!!! Those kids were on to something here!!!

I made Cashew Chicken and the Neely's version of Fried Rice with ham.....
Super duper yummy way to celebrate the first day of Spring!!!!!!!!
Sunshine, good food and good family times!!!
Happy Spring to all!!


OurCrazyFarm said...

Those look sooo good! My mouth is watering~ please, please, please share the recipes!! Say~ those are some really nice looking pans:))))

Our boys would have been thrilled to see all those lizards! It sure is nice to see the kiddos in shorts already. Spring has really sprung!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Sorry I am not sure where my head was, I forgot to post the links for the recipes!! Ooops a senior moment here!! I have now linked them. The Cashew Chicken was sorta a combination of several recipes from Cashew chicken. I just tasted it and added til it tasted right.

I also made my own BBQ sauce like I always make for the BBQ and Leslie made her famous coleslaw. Perfect!! The Tiramisu I have made many times and it is always a hit. I like it better with Vanilla Wafers!!!!!!!!!

hahaha Terri!!! All of those are my old pots....I did cook the rice in my new ones tho, behind the scenes!!


Brenda said...

The food looks really yummy! And, fishing around the pond sounds like a wonderful way to spend a warm spring day! I'll bet you have lots of interesting stories of times around the pond.

I hope ya all get to feeling better real soon!

the canned quilter said...

Wow I wonder if the fish bite in snowstorms? Sigh : ( OMG that food looks so good though and I have not heard anyone talk of Jerry Clower in forever. My Daddy just adored Jerry Clower.

Gail said...

Now, I'm hungry!

Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate spring.

Leslie said...

It was absolutely yummy! Thank you for a fun happy spring day!!!

Kelle said...

What a feast, looks yumm...y. I'm going to try them, we love stir fry and the rest looks wonderful, thanks for sharing*wink*