Monday, March 22, 2010

Housecleaning in reverse

I had a change of plans....sorry! I know that I said I had so much to do at the other house starting today but I decided that I was needed here at home more. For today anyway! Yesterday I suddenly got this huge burst of energy. The flu is finally over...I think. I started cleaning my house yesterday afternoon and I just couldn't stop. The house was so dusty from weeks of not being able to hardly brush my teeth let alone vacuum. I had to get rid of some dust or I would never be able to breathe. I started at the front door vacuuming and worked my way thru my entire house not missing a thing. A really good vacuuming. A long overdue vacuuming!!

When I got to the back of the house in the bathroom, I decided that I had enough energy left to go a bit deeper. I got a pail of hot soapy water and several rags and I started cleaning at the ceiling and I cleaned every where there could possibly be a dust bunny hiding or a "Germ"...or a "Cootie"......a "Flu Cootie" is what I was looking for. I was cleaning in a frenzy like never before. I am not sure if I really felt up to it or not but the addrenalin kicked in and I cleaned almost the entire house before bedtime. I tackled every door facing, top of all my cupboards, behind and underneath furniture. I cleaned all the bathrrom fixtures in both bathrooms, took out the trash and shook all the rugs throughout the house. I did not however, pick up and straighten very much of anything. I was mainly dusting or washing down dusty areas.

I could not believe what a difference a couple hours made in my house. The air was so clean and fresh with a clarity like the fresh air of Spring outside my window. I think I waste a lot of time trying to clean house. hahahahaha You guys are getting a good laugh on me here! What I mean is that when I usually clean a room I spend so much time picking up things and putting them in their place. Throwing things out etc, that by the time I actually get to the dusting part I am already tired and all I seem to do is hit the highlights only. I think I like my new way of cleaning that I stumbled upon yesterday. If I will spend more time with a soapy rag in my hand instead of a magazine returning it to it's proper place, or a pillow to be fluffed and put back on the proper end of the sofa, I think my house will be cleaner. As far as the clutter I feel this method will help in that department too. The more I move things around to get rid of the dust or kitchen grease, the more apt I will be to put the out of place items in their place.

I was so happy with my freshly cleaned house that I just had to stay here and get the rest of it clean today. I mean what's just one more day right? I now have the cleanest bedroom in the world!! HA!! I do not have a dust bunny in there anywhere. I have clean windows, inside and out. All my laundry is finished and my air is so clean in my house...........well not exactly....we had fried fish for supper! Now just tell me what I could have been thinking with that one? That's OK it was really really good too!

So that's what I call "Cleaning in Reverse". Do the cleaning first and then if there is enough time left you can straighten up. If the straightening doesn't get done and you have unexpected guests don't worry, your house is clean but it just looks lived in!!!! I feel like this will help with my severe allergies to dust too. Aaaahhhhh clean country air!!!!!

updated: I just found this link and they have a really good article about removing dust from your home....ah ha interesting!!! Go here for their site. I think I did everything on their
list besides flip my mattress. Hey I did vacuum it and put on fresh clean sheets but it's a king size mattress, ever tried to flip one of those babies by yourself??


Mel said...

Wow, that was some burst of energy you had there. Dusting is my least favorite chore, allergies to dust gets me the day after.

I do, love clean fresh air though, and find that a wet rag works well, to control the amount of dust.

You go girl....


Leslie said...

Now that you have all this energy and feeling so good bring that bucket of water my way. My house sure could use a good scrub down!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Mel.... I have already popped the Claritin!! The dust always gets me too. know I can't bring that milk pail your way cause you will hide it from me and send it to Terri! Of course the energy is just about gone for the day but when I get all my other things done around here and the other place I will be happy to come over and scrub down your house!!! You do have to feed me tho!!!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...
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OurCrazyFarm said...

Oh Leslie! Now why did you tell HER our secret little plan???hehehe

Good for you Becky! I could have hired out the kids cheap if you would have let me know you were going to have a spring cleaning frenzy:)))) It sure feels good to have a nice clean house!

Brenda said...

Wow! I'll bet your house smells really nice and fresh! I'm afraid that I have to admit to a few dust bunnies in my bedroom. I spend so much time scrubbing, cleaning, and sanitizing out in the milk parlor and cheese processing room that I just don't get the time to find all the dust bunnies in the house ... But there aren't any out in the milk barn!

the canned quilter said...

Wow! Send some of that energy my way. I need a bucket full of what you have been taking !