Sunday, March 28, 2010

A guest for race weekend!

My man's hardworking hand is holding our weekend guest at The Fairy's Rest.

He was in town for the big race at the Martinsville Speedway. I understand he is a big Dale Jr fan. I just really wish he had went to the website and made his reservations instead of just showing up unannounced!

We went down yesterday for me to have a little R&R which was going to include bird watching, I had my bird book and camera in hand. I didn't even have to leave the warm comfortable house to get to see one up close and personal!! Leslie and all the grandpunks were with us. As soon as we arrived, the living room looked exactly as it did in the last picture that I posted with the furniture still in the middle of the floor. The children all plopped down in the middle of all the chaos to play a game of Old Maid. Then it happened. Leslie just happened to spot the little race fan peeping out from under the sofa! Well the race began at that time. There was scurrying around the track like you have never seen before at The Fairy's Rest. Wait a minute here.....what happened to my R&R????? It turned into one of our hilarious bird in the house stories that will definitely go down in history like the great "Bat in the house story", only we got this one on video! Morgan had her video camera in her pocket and captured it all, well right up until he actually resurfaced and then all you can hear are girly screams and the camera is getting footage of anything but the bird capture!! She shows the ceilings then the floors then the ceilings. This was sooooo funny!!!!!! Well I got my birdwatching in anyway!! It was funny up until we found how many rooms he rented. Yep he left us a few souvenirs of his stay instead of him taking the souvenirs back home!!! (I had the washer and dryer pulled away from the wall and left the dryer vent hole wide open for non-paying guest!!) Lesson learned!

The landscaping crew showed up donning their Wellies and were ready to get to work on the problem area! Can you tell which one is the boss and

which one is the grunt man?

They had some great ideas for this area, which includes a red mud slide.
I have always wanted one of those!!

Some underbrush had to be removed.

They are a very photogenic crew tho!

This one is going to be on their business card!!

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OurCrazyFarm said...

Hahahaha! Too funny! What a memorable weekend! Hope you did finally get some rest:)) Cute kiddos~ has Grandma gone down the red mud slide yet??? We want to see pictures of that!