Sunday, March 21, 2010

In case you are wondering this is where I will be.....

I wish I could say I will be there for a little

R & R but it is more like a little W & W

work and more work!!!

I still have so much to do there to get it ready to rent.

My plans were to have all the inside work done when the weather

got warmer and get the yard graded, gravel the drive and do some basic

landscaping and start advertising.

That is still the plan but it has just been moved up a bit cause of the terrible winter weather we have had.

It's a dirty job but I have to do it anyway!

I think I have one house too many!!

Remember this is where we plan to retire and live out our days.

Until then we need to make some money with it if possible so I need to get on the ball.

We have decks to finish too.

I won't do a lot of landscaping but it has to be

spruced up some.

The area to the left of the above picture is the area that is going to get dolled up.

Between the house and the road.

I am thinking some Azaleas and maybe Rhododendron, Hostas and a dump truck load of mulch.

The area around the picnic table will probably have some railroad ties or timbers framing the area and there will be gravels under the table. He says he will incorporate that area into the circle drive way. There's some underbrush that will have to go too. Not too bad considering how thick it was when we first bought the place ;-)))

I talked him into leaving the strip of trees here. I did not want to have any lawn to mow, wanted it to be all wooded but Mr Bulldozer Man says....yada yada yada......which equals to I have to move so many trees to be able to work....yada yada yada....!!

He now likes the way it looks with just a little privacy, but I will still have a big yard to mow. Well "Another" big yard to mow. What were we thinking?

So this strip and the area at the front of the house on either side of the deck will be landscaped. I have a ton of perennials that need to be divided here at home and I will take some sun loving, low maintenance plants down there to put along side the house. The sun shines in there pretty much all day long and it does get pretty warm in there so I think the perennials will be good there. Some "Becky" daisy's, Rudbekiah brown eyed susans, Bee Balm, Wooley Lambs Ear,

Evening Primrose to name a few.
In the back yard I plan to plant several Flowering Crabapple Trees.

They are reasonably priced, beautiful in the spring when in bloom and in the fall the foliage is lovely, and the Eastern Bluebirds love the apples in the winter!!
Throw around some cutesy yard/garden items like benches and gazing balls and call it a garden!!
I think that is the plan, at least for now.

I really don't want to sink a pile of money into the garden.

And I surely do not want to have to spend a lot of time working in the garden either.

I do want to create a nice relaxing, welcoming get away for my guests when they actually come for a little R & R!!!!!!

I just love my kitchen!!!!!!

I plan to be there the biggest part of the week painting and making curtains and decorating etc etc etc etc....... (It won't be as much fun as it usually is because the sweet potato pie making neighbor is not going to be in this week) then on the weekend Danny is going to bring the dozer in for the grading and then gravels and mulch to come soon behind. So let the games begin.....again!!!

I just wish it was warm enough for a skinny dip in the lake after a long day of painting like Robin, Morgan and I did last summer!! Maybe all my hard work will be done by the time the water warms this year!!!!!!

Wish us luck!!!!


Brenda said...

So this house is close to a lake? Sounds like a great place to "retire" someday! Have fun getting it ready for guests or renters. I do like your kitchen.

I think you might want to wait till the lake warms a bit before attempting the skinny dipping!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Well you sure have inspired me! We just may have to have a horticulture day and go plant some new flower beds up here that have been in the planning process for years now. Go skinny dipping! The louder you scream the funner life is! Right??? Imagine the laughs in years to come (of course once you get done paying off the hospital bill for the hypothermia:))) Have a fun week!

Nancy M. said...

It looks like a nice, peaceful place! I hope you're able to get everything done that you need too!

Sandra said...

I hope you find some good renters!