Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good food for the sick.......

I have promised you the story of my Homemade Noodles and here it is.....

These babies are a hit around this farm.

Danny is not a noodle fan....well

he wasn't a noodle fan until I started making these.

He just ate them because noodles and any type of pasta is a staple in my book.

I am the mac-n-cheese queen.

I have made several batches of these yummies in the past week!!

We had 2 pots of chicken and noodles last weekend when we both were starting to get ill.

That's when Danny really loved them, said they made his throat feel real good.

They just made me feel good all over!!

We have a K&W Cafeteria here in these parts and they serve Chicken Stew.

It is by far my favorite dish that they serve and I nearly cry if they do not have it when I go in.

I have tried and tried to make that same dish at home to no avail.

I have to tell you that

this recipe for noodles + a big pot of stewed chicken= K&W's Chicken Stew!!!!!
Be still my heart!!

My life has been changed for the better!

Thank you Miss Canned Quilter!!

I also love Chicken and Dumplings and I can make a mean pot of them.

The oldfashioned way of course, with the big fluffy biscuit type dough dumplings and a thick gravy around them!! Yummy!!

However I have tried a lot of different ways to make them over the years

and I hear the same thing from Danny each time I color outside the lines...

"Now why did you go off and ruin this pot of dumplings by doing that?"

One time I think it was last summer,

he told me that I had finally learned to make them just like his mother did!!

My sil's mother (Cass) made the very best dumplings I have ever ate.

When I was a wee child I would go to her house, with my best friend who is now my niece,
and on Sunday afternoons Cass would have these dumplings.

They were like a big pot of extra fat and yellow chicken broth with the chicken pieces, and these huge fat dumplings that resembled homemade yeast roll dough. The broth was clear, no thickened gravy texture to it.

I have tried to recapture that taste and texture all my married life and nothing has compared to hers.

I am so happy with this new recipe for noodles because it is so versatile and easy to make. Did I mention they are delicious?? Well honey they are!!

I was lying around today on my death bed and I still have an appetite, so of course I was thinking about food all day long.

I just happened to have a batch of these in the freezer that I whipped up on Sunday and decided to try them with spaghetti meat sauce........oh yeah baby another big hit and they sure did feel good on the sore throat!!

Danny said it was better than any store bought noodles I have ever made!

Now I can't wait to get up the energy to make up a bunch of these for the freezer. I bought a 25 lb bag of all purpose flour Monday just for this project.

How many batches do you think I can make with 25 lbs of flour?

I'll let you know!!

I am also wanting to try them with doesn't that sound yummy??
Now if I can just find me one of those pasta roller/cutters like the Canned Quilters!!!
Bon Appetit!!


OurCrazyFarm said...

These look so yummy! I have some leftover roast and gravy in the refrig that would be perfect with these noodles! So glad you could make it off your death bed to inspire us with this:)))hehehehe Yummy!!! Now get off the computer and finish that quilt!!

the canned quilter said...

I should have mentioned they were addictive : ) 25 pounds of flour will make a gazillion noodles but a great way to use up eggs! Hugs from the canned quilter...

Michelle said...

Oh, my, my, my! I'm thinking I would play sick alot if this is what I got to make me feel better. Looks so much better than Campbell's soup and a de-fizzed 7-up! :) Thanks for the blog comment and I was wondering if you use raw or pastuerized goat milk for the ice cream. Hope you are on the mend!